Happy SysAdmin Day

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sysadminHot on the heels of other recent mixes posted earlier this month is the next ambient session taking you deep into the furthest reaches of innerspace. Cutting across numerous beatless and downtempo genres, this set explores both new and classic tracks in undiscovered contexts. Lovingly assembled by hand at Dark Ark studio in Chicago, and as always using only the highest fidelity sources available, Sleep2Dream is now available in the mix archive:

“In the event of an emergency experience while playing this or any other hypnotic recording, you will immediately come to fully awakened consciousness. And regardless of the nature of the emergency, you be able to handle it properly, calmly, and very relaxed. Now to help you relax even more, at the count of three I want you to mentally project yourself to a place in nature…”

Full Playlist:
Mayko: A Curious Yellow
AXS: Empty Sky
154: Apricot
Thomas Fehlmann: Treatment
Ishqamatics: A Curvation of Airs
Rapoon: Noord
Horizon 222: The Last Supper
Submersion: Cicada
BVDUB: Pure of Heart
Iori: Space Intro
Subsurfing: The Number Readers (Ambient Mix)
FFWD: Lucky Saddle
Ilya Wazuhiru: Velimir’s Sea
Electro Harmonix: Overstone
2350 Broadway: Sustained Energy
ISHQ: Rainmaking
Sowing Paranoia: Ambient 3
Terre Thaemlitz: Trucker
Axiom Ambient feat Tetsu Inoue: Ruins
total time: 1:53:22

download: http://phonaut.com/mixes/Phonaut-Sleep2Dream.mp3
stream: http://www.mixcloud.com/phonaut/sleep2dream/
Phonaut Mix Archive: http://www.phonaut.com/mixes
Phonaut @ MixesBD: http://www.mixesdb.com/w/Category:Phonaut

mix: Bass Philosophies v7

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new mix posted to archive: Bass Philosophies v7

Purl & Deflektion: Cosmic Child
Phonaut: Unknown Drone #31
cv313: Live Excursion II bonus
Havantepe: Starliner
Claro Intelecto: Voyeurism
STL: Amelie’s Dub
Model 500: Starlight (DeepChord rmx)
Octal Industries: Hefring #1
Abstract Ballet: 322
Synkro: Recognition
Basic Channel: Radiance iii edit

download: http://phonaut.com/mixes/Phonaut-BassPhilosophiesV7.mp3
stream: http://www.mixcloud.com/phonaut/bass-philosophies-v7/
Phonaut Mix Archive: http://www.phonaut.com/mixes
Phonaut @ MixesBD: http://www.mixesdb.com/w/Category:Phonaut

mix: Bass Philosophies v5

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New mix posted to archive: Bass Philosophies v5

Francis Inferno Orchestro – Go Easy On Me Girl
The Tortoise – Last Night
Tomas Rubeck – Midnight Gallery
Jouem – Certainty of Salvation
Von Schommer – Wurfel
DeepChord – Grand Bend (echospace dub)
Octal Industries – Himinglaeva pt 1
Decoside – Reload 1 (Matt Thibideau Poly Remix)
Bookworms – African Rhythms
JT Donaldson – Let’s Make A Record
Inland Knights – Summer Now
Demarkus Lewis – We Don’t Need
Moodymann – Dirty Beats
Washed Out – Feel It All Around (DJ M’s Total rmx)

download: http://www.phonaut.com/mixes/Phonaut-BassPhilosophiesV5.mp3
stream: http://www.mixcloud.com/phonaut/bass-philosophies-v5/
Phonaut Mix Archive: http://www.phonaut.com/mixes
Phonaut @ MixesBD: http://www.mixesdb.com/w/Category:Phonaut

mix: Through the Woods

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woodsnew mix posted to archive: Through the Woods

Arovane – Scrai-N
Download – D.O.G.
HECQ – 0008
Woob – Electric City III
The Future Sound Of London – Appendage
A.P. – GardenTherapy
SkyScaper – Noctilucent Cloud (Kasm remix)
Federsen – Voodoo Gourds (Excerpt)
Sorrow & Owsey – To Yearn & To Reconcile
Nocow – Be There
Boards Of Canada – Cold Earth
DeepChord Pres. EchoSpace – Lisbon
BVDUB – Deeper Than You’ve Ever Known

download: http://www.phonaut.com/mixes/Phonaut-ThruTheWoods.mp3
stream/info: http://www.mixcloud.com/phonaut/through-the-woods/
Phonaut Mix Archive: http://www.phonaut.com/mixes
Phonaut @ MixesBD: http://www.mixesdb.com/w/Category:Phonaut

mix: Bass Philosophies v4

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BPv4New mix posted to archive: Bass Philosophies v4

Earth House Hold – If Only For A Moment
Jouem – Radience
Federesen – From Beyond
Decoside – Reload 6 (Martin Schulte Remix)
Zzzzra – Petite Lassitude 3
DeepChord – Burnt Sage
Echospace – Spatialdimension (Intrusion Dub)
Abstract Ballet – Liquid Deep Space
Low Orbit Satellite – Twelve +-1dub

download: http://www.phonaut.com/mixes/Phonaut-BassPhilosophiesV4.mp3
stream: http://www.mixcloud.com/phonaut/bass-philosophies-v4/
Phonaut Mix Archive: http://www.phonaut.com/mixes
Phonaut @ MixesBD: http://www.mixesdb.com/w/Category:Phonaut

Recent Mixes Added

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MoonDropTwo recent mixes have been added to the archive. Taking inspiration from recent Chicago area shows, including Skinny Puppy’s performance in February and a rare appearance by Chris & Cosey back in January. We’ve had a memorable winter here in the windy city with temps reaching down beyond what’s typical for the north and south poles on several days. As Ogre might say, it was like a whirlwind blowing through the soul. The first mix, Fires of Industry, features a tune from Cevin Key’s Doubting Thomas project, with engineering contributions from Severed Head’s Tom Ellard on the track The Run. Also included is another SP spinoff project, Hilt, with a fantastic instrumental espousing grave wisdom. Chris & Cosey present new interpretations of classic Trance material on a release offered during the tour with a remix of Cowboys in Cuba. Follow the thread through soundtrack material courtesy of Coil, splashes of melody from The Orb, even a track from Death In June containing Orb-esque elements. Severed Heads, David Lynch, and Lassigue Bendthaus (23rd anniversary edition of Matter) also make appearances. Finish it out with brand new uplifting tracks from Padmasana and ISHQ.

Next in the mix queue is Leidenfrost which, after a brief rhythm+noise intro session, mellows quickly into mostly beatless deep space explorations featuring brand new material from STL, S.E.T.I. (aka Lagowski), cv313, Skyscaper, and recently remastered monochrome ambient soundscapes originally produced for Lustmord’s Side Effects label back in the golden age of exploratory ambient electronics, manifesting in the form of Superficial Depth’s (aka Atom™) Digital Superimposing. Additional aural navigations provided by Fluxion, Woob, Rapoon, Pub, Arovane, Jet Chamber, and Tetsu Inoue.

Fires of Industry mix: http://www.phonaut.com/mixes/Phonaut-FiresOfIndustry.mp3
Playlist: http://www.mixesdb.com/w/2014-02-28_-_Phonaut_-_Fires_of_Industry
Leidenfrost mix: http://www.phonaut.com/mixes/Phonaut-Leidenfrost.mp3
Playlist: http://www.mixesdb.com/w/2014-02-28_-_Phonaut_-_Leidenfrost
Phonaut Mix Archive: http://www.phonaut.com/mixes
Phonaut @ MixesBD: http://www.mixesdb.com/w/Category:Phonaut

Phonaut Mix Archive

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A mix archive has been added to the site. New mixes will be added periodically, bookmark the location. These include live Chicago-area sets, broadcast recordings culled from over 15 years of radio shows, and archival podcasts that have been linked to the site in past updates. A few newly uncovered sessions have also been added. Enjoy!

Direct Downloads: http://www.phonaut.com/mixes/
Playlists here: http://www.mixesdb.com/w/Category:Phonaut


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