Phonaut @ Rodan on Friday, June 5th, 2015

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Phonaut&HirokoRodan150605I’ll be playing some tunes from 10pm until midnight at Chicago’s Rodan tomorrow evening. It’s been a minute since I played Rodan, and we’re looking forward to some solid sounds, food and drink. The appearance is in support of Hiroko Yamamura (aka Biobooster) who takes over at midnight to deliver a scorching set of electronic sounds.

In other news, the playlist for my recent FIBER podcast has been posted over at the FIBER podcast page. That mix was a sequel to last summer’s Sleep2Dream (stream/download) ambient session. Do some further catching up with other recent sets, one for NoChicago (hit the tiny down arrow in the stream widget to download the mix) and the mighty Secret Sound Wisdom (stream/download) another ambient mix with a few other hidden surprises.

Phonaut mix for FIBER

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FIBER Podcast #29 Phonaut

FIBER Podcast #29 Phonaut

The Dutch collective known as FIBER is an organization that exists at the intersection of design and technology. They organize the FIBER festival which occurs this coming Friday and Saturday in Amsterdam. Their website showcases a fascinating constellation of interesting projects and activities served up in a tasteful manner, so be sure to poke your head in. FIBER also curates a podcast and this month is episode #29 featuring my latest ambient mix which is a follow-up to last summer’s nocturnal session, Sleep2Dream (stream/download). Catch up on mixes you may have missed in the mix archive. Playlists for two other recent mixes have been posted over at mixesdb, so check out the tracks for Happy New Ears 2015 (stream/download) and Secret Sound Wisdom (stream/download) if interested. Coming Soon: Saddle Beyond the Stars

NoChicago Podcast #7 & Secret Sound Wisdom

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phonaut.comPresenting two new mixes for your auditory predilection. First a recent chillout set, Secret Sound Wisdom, hopefully fulfills your minimum requirements for deep space ambient and atmospheric territories. Segments featured include: William Basinski’s Disintegration Loops, a taste of Donato Dozzy & Nuel’s Aquaplano Sessions, ripe sounds from Imaginary Softwoods, recent Woob, Reformed Faction, the Future Sound of London, How To Disappear Completely, Tetsu Inoue, Ishqamatics, cv313 and many others.

Also this week, NoChicago launches volume #7 of its DJ podcast, featuring a mix that’s a bit of a departure from my often sci-fi-themed sessions. Judging from the handful of past guest mixes and reviews already up at the site, there are some tall expectations to meet. For this edition of NoChicago we explore beat-laden artifacts and a lounge state of mind, alongside carefully considered sprinkles of sound all pieced together in a seamless mix that playfully beckons. Features artists such as: Burnt Friedmann and the Nu Dub Players, the Roger Tubesound Ensemble, Max & Harvey, Moodymann, Datacide, Submerse, Clams Casino, Malou Mørkeberg, Coil, and others. Playlists for both sets to follow. Lovingly assembled by hand at D’Ark studio on Chicago’s north side. NoChicago is a new blog featuring reviews, mixes from local Chicago area DJs, and other information likely pertaining to your areas of sonic interest. Check them out at

collection of sealed Tetsu Inoue FAX CDs on eBay

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FAXauctionSomeone on eBay has a variety of Tetsu Inoue -related FAX CDs up for auction. Currently up for grabs at pre-set prices are sealed copies of Slow & Low (6 copies), 2350 Broadway III (9 copies), Zenith (4 copies), Cymatic Scan (9 copies), Electro Harmonix (2 copies), Organic Cloud (5 copies), and 62 Eulengasse (3 copies). These are some of the classic releases that defined Inoue’s deep analog ambient sound along with collaborators Pete Namlook, Jonah Sharp, and Bill Laswell. This is not an endorsement for either eBay or whoever the seller is, but rather a heads-up as opportunities to own sealed copies of any original Faxlabel editions are few and far between, and to see this many of them available all at once is even more rare, plus some readers may still be filling gaps in their own collections.

Woob: Big Things In Tiny Packages

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As a follow-up to a post from 2012 regarding Woob’s parallel-worlds style soundtrack music, today we consider a number of HD audio releases that have emanated from bigamoebasounds over the course of the last few years. As you may recall, after a long hiatus of 15 years Woob rebooted around the time of 2010’s Repurpose. Since then the recent efforts from Paul Frankland continue a decades-long intergalactic Woob mission into delicately crafted works of immersive cinemambient. Not that Have Landed or Return to the City were anything less than top quality productions, but the recent Ultrascope and Ambient Disaster Movie albums remind a dedicated audience just how far Woob soundforms have come, enhanced with renewed vigor and offering panoramic, behind-the-eyelid vistas through a modernized and CG-enabled HD lens.


Whereas Have Landed explored earthbound regions of lounge or jazz, and Return to the City sounded like a reasonable contender for the Tron 3 soundtrack, Ultrascope and Ambient Disaster Movie both prove to be immersive listening experiences that continue the trajectory of the Woob sound. From the evocative splendor of the Suns Fall cover art (by French concept designer Florian de Gesincourt) to the painstaking technical efforts made during the recording process, perhaps Ultrascope is the most ambitious Woob release to date, while Ambient Disaster Movie also turns out to be a prwoobskycountryofound addition to the Woob discography. Drawing, as Woob music always has, from cinematic points of reference, the album sounds like music for an as yet unmade classic sci-fi film. Contributing to this perception is the myriad of multimedia items contained in the artifact editions, released in parallel to the digital download and CD editions. Short ‘reveal’ style videos, image files, and original 24-bit masters all make their way onto these tiny USB thumbdrives. The Ambient Disaster Movie hardcopy included extended versions of familiar passages from Max & Harvey’s Space Therapy Woob Remixes mini-album. Interested parties will want to check out the additional supplementary releases which are also well worth a listen, such as The Six Hundred, Lost 1994, and Time Paradox, all of which offer interesting alternate histories of other albums. The Woob biomachine let some new details out earlier today in a blog update, so for more info head over to Woob HQ and have a look.

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AXPONA :: April 24-26 in Chicago

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a6274Another year has passed and the annual audiophile extravaganza known as AXPONA is once again just around the corner. Last year we had a great time checking out the Woo Audio high end tube amps, fantastic-sounding Audeze planar magnetic headphones, and flipping through the many audiophile-grade vinyl pressings (and Moo Mats!) in the marketplace room. We’re gearing up to attend again this year and looking forward to whatever surprises AXPONA has in store for us. Particularly of interest will be Michael Fremer’s turntable setup seminar (last year’s edition was fascinating) where art and science come together for an optimal vinyl listening configuration. Early Bird ticket pricing is in effect until the end of January. Check out the official AXPONA homepage for additional information.

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Happy New Ears 2015

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HNE15My annual Happy New Ears mix is now available for download from the Mix Archive and streaming from Mixcloud. Also check out some of the other recently posted sessions you may have missed over the past few months, including some deep ambient podcasts and a lengthy radio show recording. Here’s hoping you have an absolutely fantastic 2015!!!


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