Radio Transmission July 10th, 2020

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Join me tonight, July 10th, for a special 2-hour broadcast via m50’s weekly radio show. Aside from a 2-hour exclusive Phonaut mix, Midori Hirano (Raster Noton) and Celer (Experimedia) will also be contributing sounds this session. The fun begins at 10pm CST.

This show is simulcast on the following streams:
Main Drain Studios
Groove Cafe

And check out for more info on past and upcoming transmissions! IMG_8213

Narcosonic Tactical Ambient Sleep Pack

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Screen Shot 2020-06-13 at 2.47.03 PMI’m pleased to roll out the Narcosonic Tactical Ambient sleep pack, a series of 4×2-hour mixes optimized with sounds for an all-night schedule of nonstop soporific sonics. Now that Sleeper Hits IV is available you can create a nocturnal listening program by queuing up Sleeper Hits volumes 1-4 mixes for over eight hours of hypnogogic synthesis, otherworldly sounds, and dream sequences. All mixes designed and sleep-tested at DarkArk SleepLab. Beatless discoveries await, delivered via soundscapes comprised of only the most memorable REM-worthy selections.

Sleeper Hits: stream/infodownload

Sleeper Hits II: stream/infodownload

Sleeper Hits III: stream/infodownload

Sleeper Hits IV: stream/info – download

Sleeper Hits IV full playlist:
Tetsu Inoue & Jonah Sharp (Electro Harmonix): Sleeptone
Secede: Ballroom Arcade
Vir Unis & James Johnson: Indivisible Circles
Shorelights: Bioluminescence A (excerpt)
BT Gate X-138: Klyuchi
Snufmumriko: This Tide Will Bring You Home
Fatih Tutor: Ormanda
Namlook & Tetsu Inoue (2350 Broadway): Ethereal Being
ISHQ: Dimensions of Air
Biosphere: Hilsondis
Radius: Interpolation 11
Leandro Fresco: Brenda
Marcus Guentner: Limb
Steve Roach: Carbondate
Woob: Megaplexドリフタ
Pinkcourtesyphone: Under Chandeliers
Futurology: Ufology
Donnacha Costello: Mountain

Hearing with 2020 Vision

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phonaut.comHere we are in 2020… ready to discover new sonic goodies? Coming up tonight, as previously mentioned in the last update a special one hour Phonaut mix for WNUR-FM 89.3 is scheduled for broadcast after 11pm over the radio waves here in the Chicago area, but you can also tune in via the station’s website (streaming widget in lower left) and this mix will likely show up for online listening at some point afterwards as well.

The annual Happy New Ears mix is up at Mixcloud and also available for download. Coming soon…: a 2-hour immersive headphone mix, Murasaki sessions v3, and #10 in the heavier ambientechno Beat Philosophy series ‘BPX‘. As always, the downloadable listening archive awaits your thirsty ears at and streaming at

Recent Mixes + Autumn Activity

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Some news and a few new mixes to share. Binaural Sunset is the latest 2-hour session of unrestricted exploration into new sounds, including a few of the usual suspects if you’re a regular listener, but also introducing several unexpected surprises. Check out Binaural Sunset via the Mixcloud stream or direct download.

Next up is another guest mix for Vykhod Sily. A 60 minute follow-up to my 2017 edition for the podcast. This one covers ground quickly, starting off in an immersive blend of sonic textures but soon migrating to darker areas, until finally resurfacing. Choose your host: SoundCloud :: Hearthis :: MixCloud :: iTunes :: SpotifyIMG_3234

Last Saturday I was invited to play music at Murasaki Sake Lounge. Look for a podcast of Murasaki session #3 coming up. Meanwhile: Murasaki sessions 1 & 2 stream or download.

Also there’s an upcoming guest Phonaut mix for m50 and WNUR-FM in the Chicago area. This one will contain everything from more upbeat techno to beatless atmospherics and blended experimentation. Date is TBA.

Finally, since we are here in November, 2019, I will be presenting a live rendition of my alternate soundtrack DJ mix of android ambient for the 1982 landmark sci-fi film Blade Runner at a private screeningScreen Shot 2019-11-06 at 6.27.33 PM event here in Chicago. Read how to sync the movie along to the mix which is available via stream or download here. This special edition using the Final Cut version of the film for optimal visual sync. Session comprised only of music that might exist within the world of this visionary futurist film.


Natural Fractal IV

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Humanoid: Post Humans
Aphex Twin: 1st 44
Download: Calling Monster Island
FSOL: People of Yage + Serengeti + Cerebral
Bill Laswell: Nothing
DeepChord: Immersion II
Area: Entireless (Genesis Chamber Mix by Donato Dozzy)
Shuttle358: Blue
The Orb: O.O.B.E.
Sun Electric: Every Now & Then
Imaginary Softwoods: Appendage Point
cv313: transversewaves
Burial: State Forest
GRIT: Drifting from the Bay
Donnacha Costello: Devotion
Golden Baby: rainbowcoalition
Plateau: K2
Padmasana: Holistic Resonance

Natural Fractal IV: streamdownload

Forgotten Futures

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Life Before Land: Lazy DaisyForgottenFutures
Muonos: Sayingnothing
Bonecold: μrσ2
Sorrow: Shadowed Doubt
Sub.made: True Time Derivate
Roof Light: Radiance
Nocow: Man Behind the Face
Ghostek: untitled Vancore
FSOL: Made Contact Internal
Bola: Cobalt
Andy Stott: New Romantic
Clams Casino: Angels
Roof Light: Cookie
Woob: Rx
Boards of Canada: June9th + Skimming Stones
Coil: Crumb Time + Her Friends the Wolves (excerpt)
Orb: Wireless MK2
Autumn of Communion: Interval
ISHQ + Material Object: 12GHz
Vir Unis & Steve Roach: Impulse
2814: テレパシー

Forgotten Futures: streamdownload

Murasaki 紫酒ラウンジ

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new mix combines selections and added thematic elements from both 2018 and 2019 editions of the live all-vinyl sessions at Chicago’s Murasake 紫酒ラウンジ 

Murasaki 紫酒ラウンジ :: streamdownload紫酒ラウンジ/

Natural Fractal II

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Gas: Narkopop #4
Neotropic: Je
Orb: 10 Sultans of Rudyard
FSOL: Environments 1 (excerpt)
Sraunus: Arpiaus
Feral: Heruka 4
Mind Over MIDI: Solar Day
Sepalcure: Hurts So Bad
Leech: Wind Farmer
Traumprinz: Let It Go
Fjäder: Vegvísir
Pub: Heavy Metal
Variant: Flux Reprise
Steve Roach: Flowstone
Elve: Plant Cell Perceptions
Atom Heart: While My Synth Gently Sweeps
Tetsu Inoue: Super Nature
Yunomi: Shou
Sinepearl: Dewdrop
ISHQ: Forest Stream
2814: 赤い夜明け

Natural Fractal II: streamdownload

Mix From Another Place

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Woob: Stranger
Jouem: Lyrians
Gas: Pop III
Coil: North
Demdike Stare: Forest of Evil (Dusk)
Coil: Omlagus Garfungiloops
Nocow: Hidden
Atom™: 3x310v3
Vangelis: No Expectation Boulevard
Biosphere: Hyperborea
Brendon Moeller: Motion
Sowing Paranoia: Ambient 1
Biosphere: The Things I Tell You
The Embassadors: Iboga Dreamtime
Burnt Friedmann: Dream Sequence
Rapoon: Je Veux D’l’amour
Journeyman: Eugolana Box
Obscene Mannequin: The Flounder
Flanger: Funeral March

Mix from Another Place: streamdownload

Happy New Ears 2018

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HNE18Skinny Puppy: One Day
Woob: It Begins Adaptation
Donnacha Costello: Slowly Through Fog
Rapoon: Air Gliden
Orb: Kompania Grooved Ware Mix
Herd: Tangent 41
FSOL: Some Degree of Sanctuary
Machinedrum: Vizion Centered
Imaginary Softwoods: Indigo
Tycho: Brother
Futurology: Kodex
Dots (Atom Heart): Friendly Cortex
Aerial Service Area: Liquid Water
Tetsu Inoue: Particular Moments
D.A.R.F.D.H.S.: Down the River Volchov
Arovane: Quite Music
Orb: Wireless (Leandro Fresco mix)
ISHQ: Forest Stream
Namlook & New Composers: Russian Spring 3
Radius: Transversewaves
Sraunus: Utopija
Mr Cloudy: Joy of Flying
Terekke: wav1
2814: 赤い夜明け
Vince Watson: Celtic Beauty
Benjamin Brunn: Lying Flat Looking Up
Biosphere: Sweet Dreams From A Shade

Happy New Ears 2018: streamdownload