Murasaki #4

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This one’s jazzy, classy, & deep… how they like it in the lounge.

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Full Playlist:

Goldie: Inner City Life (version)
Dexter Wansel: theme from the planets
Pharaoh Sanders: Astral Traveling
Banzai Republic: Yess
FSOL: Carlos + Her Face Forms in Summertime
Les Baxter: Voodoo Dreams (Senor Coconut remix)
Lisa Carbon Trio: Showgirl
Santos: Ke Dolor (Banzai Republic Mix)
Mala: Intro + Como Como
Move D: Cacao Facil
StanGetz & Joao Gilberto: Doralice
Atom Heart: Copacabana Palace
Gorodisch: Omaha
Nicole & Andrew J: Melodies
Afel Bocoum, D.Albarn, T.Diabate, Ko Kan Ko Sata Doumbia: Spoons
Mark Ernestus + Ndagga: Simb + Yermande (Kick & Bass)
Flanger: Loose Joints + Galak
Flying Lotus: Zodiac Shit
Burial: Broken Home
Skee Mask: Rev8617
Dials: Morning Light (Nocow Night mix)
Move D + Namlook: Arm Candy


Phonaut Mix for Podval 221028

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Here’s another Podval recording from back in October. These mixes are generally more upbeat as podval events are in fact dance parties, but expect passages and segments infused with otherworldly, evocative ambience nonetheless. Full playlist to come. Stream or Download

Phonaut Mix for Podval 220514

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Recorded direct from the mixer on May 14th, 2022 as an opening DJ set for Grischa Lichtenberger’s live performance at a secret location in Chicago. Stream or Download.

Full Playlist:

Rhauder & Tikiman: Control
Nonnnimal: Hverfisgata
Waage: W-1
Ben Sims & Steve O’Sullivan: Where’s Burt (Delano Smith Reconstruction)
DeepChord: Amsterdam Remnant 5
Echo Delta: Waking Life
Feral: Heruka 3
Echo Delta: Satelit
Mike Dehnert: Rere
Phantasy: U See That
Aardvarck: Cult Copy 2001 rmx
Kraftwerk: Telephone Call (edit)
FSOL: Tokyo Travel (excerpt)
Simon Hinter: Belly Belly
Woob: Reality Spectrum + Check-In
Flying Lotus: Astral Plane
Sven Väth: Ritual of Life (Spicelab rmx)
platEAU: Purple Passion
Diego: Innerfunk
Ian Pooley: Chord Memory

Saddle Beyond the Stars

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c949-918e-463e-93ea-424627f43d51.jpgSaddle Beyond the Stars, the follow-up mix to 2014’s Astral Cowboy:

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Full Playlist:

Biosphere: Dissolving the Clouds
Woob: The Surface
Iminazole: Shoyedo
D.Å.R.F.D.H.S.: Lidandets Lustgård
Monoloc feat Tijana T: No GHSTS
Flanger: Chlorophyll Drop Shot
Autechre: newbound
Arovane: Il_Eth
Richard Devine: Oxin2lin
H.A.T.: Arizona Analyzer
Burnt Friedman: Soundtrack 17
Orb: Battersea Bunches
FSOL: Insides
Hank & Slim: Where Dust Settles
Autumn of Communion: Solar Image (ISHQ rmx)
Lustmord: Silent Night Redux
Woob: Amoeba
Second Nature: Green Paste
FSOL: Garden of Syn
No.Inc.: Hard Time
Rapoon: Ochre
Autumn of Communion: Interval 2
(Green Paste reprise)
Material Object: c33k
ISHQ: Indian Summer
A Small, Good Thing: Godforsaken
Rapoon: The Delta Ends
Max & Harvey: Space Therapy (outro)

Out Now: Phonaut “Prisoner’s Cinema EP”

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Phonaut “Prisoner’s Cinema EP”

Psiphon8 (4:41)

Grimnoire (5:39)

Bracewell Probe (6:20)

Out Now: Phonaut “Skymaps EP”

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Phonaut “Skymaps EP”

Skydrift Mode (9:52)

Starmaps (7:36)

Cowboy 3: Shootin’ Stars

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Volume 3 in the wild west themed series, now a trilogy of mixes. Confused? Please refer to the previous installments entitled Astral Cowboy & Saddle Beyond the Stars. While this is a very organic down-to-earth session, some of these tunes have been with me for decades (Eno, Spectrum, A Small Good Thing, Roy Buchanan) have stood the test of time and whose power has never dwindled. There are also new sounds and spacely-ness mixed in. Expect deep deliverance of big sky vibes, whispering winds, gentle drifters, outlaw ambience, and other images and interludes inspired by the old west. See the full playlist below. And remember… never squat with your spurs on!

Banzai Republic: Gamblin’ Man
The Orb: First Consider the Lillies
Yage: Pygmy
Dub Trees: La Rosa (live while you live)
O Yuki Conjugate: Gathering Shadows
FSOL: Glacier (part 1)
Max & Harvey: Big Amoeba Sound
Eno: Silver Morning
ISHQ: Willow Ways
Chuck Johnson: Brahmi
Spectrum: Quicksilver Glide Divine (Soul Wither edit)
A Small, Good Thing: Drowning Light
Rapoon: Slender… In Clouds
Beatsystem: Alabama
Roy Buchanan: Fly… Night Bird


End of 2021 Update

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New DJ mixes and a Live Phonaut session available at the following links:

Cowboy 3: Shootin’ Stars – third wild west themed mix, don’t squat with your spurs on!



Seven Ways to Sunday – sonic summary of recent listening habits



Natural Fractal VI – woodland sunrise set recorded live deep in the wild woods DHC



Phonaut Live @ DHC21 – live phonaut performance captured from the soundboard

Podval Wireless – eclectic mix session for m50/etc radio, phonaut segment starts @ 2:59


Robot Soap Opera – summertime mix for m50/etc radio, phonaut segment starts @ 2:07


Playin’ Favorites – beat oriented mix for m50/etc radio, phonaut segment starts @ 1:07


Summer 2020 Update

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Time for a quick summary of the latest mixes and recent musical events for your perusal. The annual Natural Fractal session of woodland ambience mixed in the wild woods a couple hours west of Chicago was captured live off the mixing desk this year. This private event is something I look forward to each summer. Now over year five, it’s an opportunity to play ‘nature DJ’ … blending environmental sounds, utterances from real and imagined/synthetic creatures, and (overall) chilled tunes to an eager and exclusive crowd of informed listeners, this time around while practicing responsible social distancing. The event was executed perfectly, the weather cooperated, and nobody contracted the space flu. Attending each year is a masterclass in diverse sounds from a group of intrepid selectors who care deeply for the sounds they play. Plus I got a try out my new tree tent which exceeded all expectations of comfort. Floating at night, amongst the trees, critters audibly prowling around the perimeter of camp, and drifting off to sleep is an experience I look forward to repeating as soon as possible.

Most recently, check out the 2-hour mix presented last month as part of m50’s weekly streaming show: Hexadestiny stream. The Phonaut DJ mix covers the second half of the show and contains sonic goodies old and new. See the linked page above for complete playlist information.

Take a look at the Phonaut Mixcloud page for a couple other recent mixes. The complete tracklist for Murasaki 1 & 2 has been added to this blog post. Murasaki session #3 is also floating around. More info on those is forthcoming but for now enjoy the sounds.

Back in January, I provided a 60-minute mix for WNUR-FM 89.3 courtesy of Eric Peyer‘s late night winter broadcasting activities. Entitled To Hear Knows When (a reference to…?) and you can check that one out here. It’s a mix of some classic ‘IDM’ gems from the likes of Bola, Future Sound of London, and Biosphere, sprinkled with newer cuts from producers such as Terekke, Ross 154, and Shorelights.

What else have we got… the Beyond / Below podcast series featured an exclusive Phonaut mix for their 29th edition, also a one-hour affair from a few months back. You can listen to that one on the Beyond / Below soundcloud page. A real sonic adventure that reaches all the way back into the early 90s, and features sounds from Clock DVA, Tetsu Inoue, Koolfang, as well as some newer recent releases.

Lastly, I discovered dozens of ancient radio shows, some stretching all the way back to 2001 (and beyond!) by digging around m50’s expansive soundcloud page, and appropriately reposted many of those to my own soundcloud page for convenience. So head on over to hear some choice archival sessions, mostly old radio shows but some event recordings as well.


Radio Transmission July 10th, 2020

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Join me tonight, July 10th, for a special 2-hour broadcast via m50’s weekly radio show. Aside from a 2-hour exclusive Phonaut mix, Midori Hirano (Raster Noton) and Celer (Experimedia) will also be contributing sounds this session. The fun begins at 10pm CST.

This show is simulcast on the following streams:
Main Drain Studios
Groove Cafe

And check out for more info on past and upcoming transmissions! IMG_8213