Pay Your Respects to the Vultures…

“Pay your respects to the vultures, for they are your future.” -COIL

Novembers have proven to be a lethal month for the two founding members of Coil. With Balance‘s death back in 2004, and Christopherson‘s death occurring last month, both maestros have officially departed into the clear dark light. I’ve been a Coil fan for the last 20 years, even traded music with John Balance on occasion (he was an Atom Heart fan). At the very least, I feel obligated to do a special Coil themed radio show to honor their memories. It’s a good opportunity to step back and take a wide angle view of their body of work together. The band certainly occupies an important part of electronic music history, as well as some of electronic music’s most bizarre and fascinating moments. Their live show was simply amazing, as anyone who has witnessed one will attest. This spotlight will last about an hour, covering as much material as we can in that time, from the early days through to some of Coil’s final releases. It will include some of their best known songs, a few mail order only rarities, and other curiosities carefully plucked from their expansive discography.

Phonaut Radio Broadcast
Friday, December 10th, 2010
Chicagoland WNUR-FM 89.3

11:30pm – 12:30am :: Phonaut Live Radio DJ Set (Streetbeat)
12:30am – 1:30 :: Coil In Memoriam
1:30am – 2:30 :: new ambient releases + surprise guest set


~ by phonaut on December 10, 2010.

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