Where Is Tetsu Inoue?

I agonized whether to publish this post or not. The only reason I haven’t already is because I highly value individual privacy, and if someone does not want to be contacted then that wish should be respected. But this has gone on long enough and my wonder has turned into concern. And I’m not the only one concerned.

Where Is Tetsu Inoue?

His last official album, Inland, came out in 2007. It is now over five years later and there has never been such a long gap between his releases. Previously, the gap was usually only a year or two. Emails to his address have gone unanswered, snail-mail to 2350 Broadway was unsuccessful (although curiously not ‘returned to sender’), and I’ve even heard from label owners this last year wishing to contact him to resolve pending business issues, as they were also unsuccessful in contacting him. I have heard from some of his collaborators who have worked with him on and off for twenty years who are also unable to reach him. At this point, two possibilities come to mind:

(1) He’s being reclusive
(2) He’s dead

Is he fed up with music industry shenanigans? Was he ‘back home’ in Japan when the tsunami hit? Did he simply want some distance between himself and the public (and his fans)? Since I have been managing his official homepage for the last decade or so, I would occasionally receive holiday cards, the random CDR showcasing new output, or a random email or note every few months. But all that has come to a complete standstill and what is left is a legacy of outstanding music from the last 20 years and a deafening silence from the man himself. Tetsu, if you’re out there, give our radar a ping!

~ by phonaut on June 21, 2012.

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  1. I came across this searching for any information leading to Tetsu’s whereabouts. If he’s gone, which I seriously hope is not the case, it would be a super loss to the electronic music community. :/

  2. Of course, we all hope he’s being reclusive. I suspect that’s it because if he died surely someone, somewhere would know, right? Is there a finalized list of the tsunami missing that’s been checked?

  3. this is terrible.

    • I did a Google search of tsunami victims and his name did not come up. The list is only about 1/3 of the 20,000 victims. I hope he was not in the 12,000 not on the list.

  4. I also feel worried. I hope he’s all right.

  5. I’ve been searching the internet for new news about Mr. Inoue every few months for the last four or five years. He seems to have completely disappeared, which is really a shame. If he ran into financial or medical difficulties I hope things turn out well for him.

    Inland is the best ambient album I’ve personally heard, surpassing Eno’s On Land and some great Steve Roach discs as well. It attracted far too little notice and I only remember seeing one review at the time which tried to paint it as 90’s nostalgia when it was nothing of the sort. The previous album, Yolo, was almost as good. Maybe the lack of attention that these albums had compared to the earlier and less interesting Ambient Otaku led to some feelings of frustration for Mr. Inoue. At any rate if he is alive to read this–thanks for the great music and best wishes.

  6. Mr. Inoue is my favorite musical artist of all time. Like everyone else here, I’ve been googling for years with no luck. It’s especially frustrating because, if money were an issue, there are so many new funding options these days (for example: Kickstarter). I do hope Mr. Inoue is healthy and in good spirits.

    Has anyone tried talking to any of the labels he’s released with? I’m assuming there are royalty checks that get sent somewhere. Of course, if the man wants to be left alone, I respect that and do not think anyone should harass an individual who has brought so much beauty into the world.

    • Tetsu is one on all time favourites also, the subtle tones he manages to make is just amazing. Zenith is actually one of my favourite fax albums. If anyone finds out where he is please post back. Id like to hear some new stuff from him.

  7. Oops, I first read this post a few months ago and did not remember that it discussed label representatives also searching for Mr. Inoue. I apologize that my previous comment was uninformed.

  8. I’ve talked to a number of friends and collaborators of his here in NYC and no one has been able to get a hold of him for years now. He still has an active email account but never replies back.

    It’s rumored that he has moved back to Japan and might be helping his family with their business (his family owns a few restaurants). Also, his father was getting very old so Tetsu may be helping to take care of him as well.

    Hopefully everything is alright with him and his family and some day he will return to making music! I can’t wait for that day to come!

  9. Add this reply to the list of people of whom Tetsu music as brought an incredible amount of happiness. He’s definitely one of my favorite artists. I listen to this music all the time. And to the list of people whose wondering what he’s been up to and wish him all the best with whatever he’s doing.

  10. Inoue is a genius, Inland has been on heavy rotation in my house for years now. Best wishes to Mr Inoue.

  11. Greets from a fan of Tetsu’s early works and his collaborations with Namlook and others . I am an American and live in Kyushu which is where Tetsu is from . Assuming his family still live here and that he is with or near them , he would not have been affected by the tsunami as we are in western Japan far , far , far away from Fukushima .

    • Hello,
      My name is Chris Farstad.
      I make music as 555

      I am planning on coming to Japan in 2015 to make a documentary about Japanese electronic music for the U.S./Japan Friendship Commission and to collaborate with Japanese electronic musicians. I am also trying to set up a Fukushima benefit concert with Japanese electronic musicians using some of the $20,000 award to do so.

      If you are a fan of Tetsu Inoue, you might be interested in this project.
      I am working with two Japanese record labels, Wonderyou and White Paddy Mountain (Chihei Hatakayama’s label) to assemble a network of Japanese electronic musicians, both professional and amateur.

      If you know of anyone who may be interested in this project, please let me know!

      Stay tuned, and please contact me with your actual email for further information when it becomes available.

      Chris Farstad

  12. Yet, another huge fan longing to know (for years now) what’s become of Tetsu.

    I can’t adequately describe (at least here) what his music has meant to me.

    Where ever he is, I hope he’s happy. But I do hope we hear from him again.

  13. I too am a huge fan and came across this looking for new word or releases. In 2009 I played “Inland” as an example of a great newer direction for Ambient at an electronic workshop in Steve Roach’s studio. All present seemed impressed, including Steve. I hope he is not finished with his music.

    • As a Steve Roach fan that is a great story! Oh if Tetsu had ever collaborated with Roach that would have been an epic production.

  14. Fan from Sweden here. Is it possible for us to start an investigation somehow?

    • If he is in Japan , where I am , short of hiring a private investigator I see no other way of finding him .

  15. that sounds like a great idea. but oh wait, those are expensive right?

    • I wasn’t suggesting we hire a private dick , just saying that there really is no other way to locate him if he is in Japan .

  16. Is this him? https://www.facebook.com/inoue.tetsu.50

    • I don’t think it’s him. His name is relatively common to begin with in Japan, but when you look at this Tetsu Inoue’s friends, they mostly don’t look like who his friends would be despite there being a few musicians pictured.

  17. Earthling Tetsu’s fan here. I just hope he’s ok, his music is extremely inspiring to me. This is quite mysterious

  18. It has been a year since I last posted . Haven’t been able to garner a clue as to where he is and I have researched in Japanese . I’m determined to find him assuming he is still on planet earth . 

  19. What the heck? I thought he was just on hiatus.. now nobody can find him? At least I can find comfort in others just like me who are wondering the same thing. This is sad. Come back Mr Inoue. Please?

    • No one has heard anything for a long time and even though we tend to think the worst as that’s human nature, we really have no idea.

      • According to Japanese Wiki , in 2009 ( 2 years after his last release Inland ) he was residing in the USA and not in Japan . Whether or not he is still there is anybody’s guess .

      • Inland’s perfection makes this all the more alarming, his disappearance at the height of his powers. I hope he is found safe and sound.

      • I think I solved the mystery . Tetsu is short for the name Tetsunosuke . I did a Zabasearch for a Tetsunosuke Inoue and found this !!! Background Check on Tetsunosuke Inoue

        Tetsunosuke Inoue More Info on Tetsunosuke Inoue Check for Email Address Google
        2350 Broadway
        New York, NY 10024 (212) 724-2987

      • Wow, after all these years he still lives at that address? If true, that’s great. I can go up there at some point and check.

      • It’s an apartment building ( 300 + apts. ) on the upper West side …

      • Yes, I know, it’s where he recorded 2350 Broadway. I think it was his last known address but I’m not sure anyone actually checked to see if he still lives there. I go up there sometimes so I could ask the doorman, if there is one.

      • At least we have a possible lead . I should have become a detective lol ! Awaiting positive news . Cheers –

  20. Has anyone tried calling that phone number?

  21. There’s another address and in Zabasearch as well. With a different phone number too.

    Tetsunosuke Inoue
    36 Overlook Dr
    Lanesville, NY 12450 (845) 688-7908

  22. Catskills ? Weekend / summer retreat ?

  23. $4 bedrooms …2 baths …207,000 value …can’t buy a modest apartment in the Tokyo suburbs for that …http://www.homes.com/property/36-overlook-dr-lanesville-ny-12450/id-400019585338/

  24. Why doesn’t somebody in the USA call the phone numbers ?

  25. One of my posts got stuck in awaiting moderation I think because I posted website links so I will repost this third address from one of the background check sites which says this is another known address for Tetsu:

    700 Olima
    Sausalito, CA 94965

    This address is linked to Tetsunosuke Inoue and the 2350 Broadway address in the background check site.

    Is this possibly an address where Tetsu lived before moving to NY? It sold in March 2008 to a new owner. Isn’t that right around the time Tetsu essentially disappeared? It’s a $1,200,000 home!

    • hi, comments should post straight away, I don’t have the approval step activated so not sure what’s up with that. Sounds like the location he lived yes, but who knows.

  26. No doubt Tetsu’s family are wealthy . I say that knowing Japan as well as I do after having lived here for almost 29 years . No poor kid can embark on a life of being an ambient musician without financial backing from family . How much could he have made from CDs ? Not enough to afford a house in Sausalito and an apt. on the upper west side of NYC that’s for sure .

  27. wow, i have been so out of the ambient scene… I just found out from this site that Peter Namlook died 2 years ago… My world has literally been shaken… i mean, I am in shock and may shed tears. And now Tetsu is likely missing? Is there some sort of conspiracy going on here?? Both Inoue and Namlook have influenced me perhaps more that any other musician has. This is all just too much to take.

  28. I love all of Inoue album and anxiously wait for any word on his whereabouts. I just wanted to post so I can be counted among all of you. I am curious to know just how many Inoue fan are out there. If there any kind of collaborative effort to find him please feel free to contact me for any assistance from my part.

  29. hi, all. tetsu was a friend of mine in the bay area and then in new york city. i haven’t been in touch with him for several years; my impression is that he returned to japan for family reasons. the sausalito address is the home of some friends of tetsu’s; he house-sat for them during the summer for a number of years. the upstate address is probably near where he recorded in woodstock toward the end of his time in the states. that’s all i know: i’d love to get back in touch with him, but my guess is he doesn’t want to be found.

    • You must be Sean C. Always appreciated your posts to the ambient list back in the day. I hope his musical muse is still active and that we get to hear some new TI tunes sometime in the future. I think we can all agree that it is an odd situation, and that no one can really fill the ambient void he so competently filled!

  30. Been looking for a Tetsu update for years. Just another fan here.

  31. Tetsu Inoue is one of my all time inspirations. Zenith is my favourite Fax album. Is there a facebook page we can dedicate to him at all ? Hi Phonaut this is dan we haven’t spoken in years. I would like to keep updated. Hopefully we can get him to make more lovely music.

    • Hi Dan! Of course I remember your name, glad to see you’re still plugged in. I considered making a FB page but am trying to liberate myself from the FB matrix not become more entrenched 😉

  32. i ran across someone selling his CD’s and music equipment on ebay. he mentioned the broadway address on the boxes he purchased and said other boxes had his last name and ‘clean out number’, so apparently a bunch of stuff was abandoned in the broadway apt.

  33. I believe the 2350 Broadway address is a hotel in NYC where the album of that name was recorded with Pete Namlook, not an actual address representing his residence.
    I am also a fan of his music, and curious to his whereabouts.

    • It is an apartment building not a hotel , and he used to live there .

      • I double checked, and you are correct. It was a hotel, but now is an apartment building and the music was recorded, as they say, in an apartment.

  34. With Peter gone, the Fax label history and Tetsu probably back in Japan it looks like he might be gone for good, never to be heard from again? Seems kind of sad.

  35. Did also a search for Tetsu…..Even asked info from other Synth musicians in Japan……. nothing ! Hope you don’t mind If I ask to think on both “Pete Namlook and Tetsu Inoue” in my Ambient / Drone show. I’ll play from 2350 Broadway 4 “Take The Sky” on 19th of june see also 16th june http://emportal.info/viewtopic.php?t=9671 John Valk (radiosunrise.de)

  36. https://instagram.com/inotch/

    Isn’t he?

    • There are a lot of Tetsu Inoue’s in Japan .

      • Certainly. But 90% of these images looks like good visual to music such as “2350 Broadway”. IMHO. And face on IG’s avatar don’t differs much from that on top this page, actually.

  37. every few months or so i check this article to see if he has been found

    ill continue to check it until web is dead

    it is depressing that nobody has found him yet though

    • If he is in Japan ( where I believe he is ) and doesn’t wish to be found , he will not be found .

    • it’s comforting to know people haven’t given up interest or hope—i just have well wishes for his health and happiness.

  38. Continuing goodwill and thanks to Tetsu Inoue

  39. Another long time fan missing his output but grateful for what he made. World receiver and slow and low will be eternal masterpieces for me. Eem

  40. come back soon, inspirator

  41. Thanks Tetsu for the masterpiece Inland. Wish you all the best!

  42. […] It is worth noting that Tetsu Inoue has been reported missing since 2007, having vanished without a trace. Read more about his disappearance here, in a post written by his longtime friend and webmaster. […]

  43. Greetings from Poland. There is a lot of fan of Tetsu in my country.Ask for Tetsu,to Ingrid Baier,she is(ex/actually girlfriend of him?).They was together for a very long time.In insert of Organic Cloud,Tetsu wrote “Special Thanks to Ingrid “. Organic Cloud was 1995. In Inland(2007) he wrote same,so I think,she could know something about him.Can anyone to make a contact with Ingrid Baier? Or she miss too?. Is there anybody who know something about her?.Personnaly I don’t believe that, he don’t want to be found.

  44. I am a big fan of Tetsue. I must of listened to Ambiant Otaku more times than any other album i own. I have even requested to family and friends that should i die (or when) I would like them to just sit and hear Magnetic Field and then we can become one one last time. I named one of my cats after the man in the early nineties. i get the feeling he is very private person so i will wait patiently until he throws us some more Ambient Gold, or, I could be quite happy to continue listening to his existing works if he feels he is done. I’m just thankful that i encountered and was able to recognise the magic in his work. Very special music he has channeled for us all. Blessings and thanks to you Tetsue whereever you may be!

  45. I discovered his music not so long ago from someone else who send me some ambient music and one was the Ambient Otaku album. Wel Im struggle almost whole my life with depression and his music had a very good effect on me. I like off course Karmic Light. My favourite album is World Receiver. It makes me sad that he dissapeared. I hope he read this that he made some beautiful peace of music almost not from this planet.

  46. Some people have to get away from everything they know, start fresh and anonymous, its nothing any person has said or done, rather a longing from deep inside to be alone and undisturbed.

    • If I had to guess, I’d say this is what happened. It somehow seems to be the most likely explanation.

    • I have to admit, the mystery about is whereabouts is so alluring to the imagination (like Salinger). Someone one posted the idea of hiring a Private investigator to locate Mr.Inoue. I’ve sometimes day dream that if I was to lose my job that rather than do something crazy like walk the Appalachian trail, or start my own company….I dream of buying film equipment and traveling to Japan to look the him, do a little documentary about the journey. May not be what he wants but its the affect of his music that drives me there. Just a dream of course….

      • Just saw the news folks. There was an Earthquake in Kyushu. Hope that Tetsu and his Family are ok. Wish the people in Japan all the best!!!

      • We moved into our brand new home in Kumamoto on the 31st of March …2 weeks of happiness and then bang ! I thought it was the end of the world – that’s how bad the house rocked and shook . Just about everthing in the house was destroyed . When we left the exterrior appeared to be unscathed with the exception of huge cracks in the driveway . No idea when we will be able to return to check on its current condition . Now staying at my wife’s brother’s home in Fukuoka – 2 hours north of the earthquake’s epicenter very near where I pray our new home still stands …

  47. Tetsu was making star music! http://metro.co.uk/2016/06/08/starman-is-that-you-mysterious-music-is-heard-from-inside-a-star-5931591/
    Where are you Tetsu?

  48. We had no contact from Tetsu unfortunately says Zenith collaborator Carlos Vivanco. Carlos & Psychonavigation announce the re-release of Zenith album. https://psychonavigation.bandcamp.com/album/zenith Hopefully Tetsu is in good health. Keith Downey,Psychonavigation Records

  49. I have bad feelings about this.Where are you Tetsu?

  50. This is really sad. I miss his music and hope he will return someday… although I suspect Alex is right.

  51. I miss you Mr. Inoue!

  52. and

  53. Really strange that his musical collaborators don’t know where he is either.

  54. @Andrew, thank you very much!! What a great album of 2350Brodway 4 i really love especially the last track!! Sorry but i have nothing really to say where Mr. Inoue is? Is there at least a interview video about him? I was really curieus. I Read that he like to walk and watching paintings. I suffer from mental problems HSP and sometimes im so fragile. His music gives me a lot of happines.The track Ring of Power for example its sounds very light and spiritual. And again i hopes he read this someday with a smile on his face with al the other comments.

  55. @JM, yes it is really strange one fact is sure i think that he leaved maybe the music businnes? Maybe he had pressure? Of an argue with someone else in this world? He changed for example after World Receiver his sound because he wants something different like the Waterloo Terminal. Since Yolo he turned back the clock with the old more trusted sound but why he did it? It is no critics because i really love al his work. Im brainstorming about Tetsu.

  56. Hello everyone. I’ve been listening to Tetsu Inoue for about 5 years now. This may seem strange, but I try my hardest not to look up any info on artists I like to let the music paint the picture of the artist for me (Pretty weird right?). Today the urge took over and in one day I found out that all my favorites, Namlook, Inoue, Oöphoi are all gone. R.I.P my biggest inspirations.

    I heard Inoue was missing or something, so I looked into it. Well, we haven’t a real idea of where Inoue is so he could resurface someday… only time will tell. Of course I don’t really know much about him, but by reading the entirety of this thread some people do. I personally don’t believe someone with a dedicated fanbase would just drop them for no reason, stop replying to emails and disappears into obscurity so quickly without a word or trace. I personally don’t think he’d have a FB or any social media, like people’ve said earlier there are many, MANY different variations of Japanese names (One side of my family is Japanese, they helped clear that up).

    My personal belief is that he could’ve been vacationing somewhere out of the blue without telling someone just to relieve stress, and he could’ve had some sort of a freak accident with no one around, like maybe falling into a river or falling off a remote scenic cliff.

    Someone should contact Dateline or something. From what I’ve seen from the show they love delving into mysteries like this. That or a private investigator; I’d totally donate money if a funding page were set up.

    One, two, or a few things to ask:
    -Simply put, if any of my theories or information are impossible or incorrect, please let me know.
    -I’d greatly appreciate a short summary of all the info known. It’s all over the place and my brain gets totally fizzed out when trying to put it all in order, lol. ADHD for you!
    -I have a knack for having two completely different ideas on the same thing so if at times I don’t make sense I’m sorry.

    It took 57 minutes to write this.

    Hopefully this mystery gets a happy ending, and cheers to everyone!

    -Vector, from Maryland, USA

    • Greets from an ex-pat in Japan who has replied to this thread several times . Assuming Tetsu is not dead , my guess is that he is in Japan , the land of his birth . Small country but very easy to get ” lost ” if one should choose to do so .

  57. […] Fax owner Pete Namlook died of a heart attack four years ago; one half of Zenith, Tetsu Inoue, has been “missing” for many years now. It hasn’t made Unsolved Mysteries but his unexplained disappearance or at least total, […]

  58. You know what’s odd? I just tried to leave a “shout” (aka comment) on his last.fm page, and it said I didn’t have permission to post there. I’ve never ever seen that with any other artist on that site…it’s surely a profile security option that a designated owner of the page would enable…so i wonder who’s in charge of his last.fm page, if not him?

  59. Test is probably in Spain. Letting his wife earn for a while – last email I got was a chuckle inside joke from Spain.

    • Thank you for sharing this Informationen but the most Important fakt is missing. Can you please tell us when he contacted you the last time? At least we would know that he is alive after all the rumors…

      Please Andrew don’t let us wait for some Details about your suprising comment after nine years without knowing whats up with Tetsu.

    • When did you get that email?

  60. Tetsuuuuuuuuuuu……… Tetsuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu………. Where are youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu???????

  61. I’ve been following this thread for a couple years… hoping each time I visit there will be a welcomed answer to this question. This will likely be the last time I reply here but if Tetsu is listening I just wanted to sincerely thank you. Your Music is truly a gift and frequently accompanies me on this journey through life. God bless.

  62. I’ve watched this thread for years and will continue to check it for news. Tetsu Inoue was one of the most formative musical influences on me as a musician and as a person. Please keep it up.

  63. same here. Sadden there is no new news but maybe someday.

  64. Im gonna be back. His music changed the way my emotions get shaped by sonic influence. Greetings from Berlin, Germany.

  65. Back in 1997 I was living in Australia. I can’t say how influential discovering his music was. I deeply miss his presence in the music world. I found this thread today as I always remember this day (RIP Pete Namlook).

    Big love to him wherever he is and thanks for your beautiful music.

  66. Hoping to have some news someday.

  67. apparently, his 808 is selling for local pick up on ebay, Novato, CA


    • It may or may not be true that this drum machine was owned by Tetsu . Without documentation I’d be extremely skeptical , especially for the price being asked . Anybody can write _____ was owned by ______ .

    • Not to mention the fact that he expressed a dislike for both 808 and 909, as they were ‘too common’ and uninsteresting.

  68. We miss you Tetsu!!!

  69. i Just listen Yolo for the first time. Very underrated album by Tetsu. Simply Beautiful like always…

  70. I found this thread trying to learn as much as I can about Mr. Inoue. World Receiver moves my soul in ways I can’t describe, and I felt the need to add my small voice to this chorus. I wish you the best, wherever you are.

  71. mystery continues

  72. I just listened to Zenith again. One of my all time favourite Fax cd’s I ever had. I hope we find him.

    • You won’t find him unless he decides he wants to be found . My guess he is here in Japan where I am . Very easy to live an anonymous life .

  73. Posted here before about my radioshow where Tetsu was in, I did on Facebook a call for searching……have asked known musicians in Japan, nothing ! His music continues

  74. I will be doing a special artist profile on the music of Tetsu Inoue this coming Sunday, April 14, 2019, on Mixlr.com – Fans of his solo works and collaborations are invited to stop by for a listen. http://mixlr.com/synthetrix/events/tetsu-inoue-an-artist-profile

    • Hey cool @John Valk and @Synthetrix.
      I hope it was a succes?
      The last time i had difficult times and loneliness depression but his song with the formatoin “Zenith” and the song plexus solaris is so a relaxation the song gives me power a really positive vibe😁 i couldnt describe what a beauty it is. Amazing!! And a tine ago i find this on YB

  75. where are you, txetxu?

  76. I knew Tetsu for a brief time in the late 90s/early 2000s. I met him on one of his many trips to the Bay Area and visited he and Ingrid at their 2350 Broadway apartment in NY (it was probably 2001 or 2003). They had lived there for many years, under rent control, which is how they were able to afford it. They are both really nice people and very hospitable. Tetsu was a pretty idiosyncratic guy, I can’t imagine him ever wanting anything to do with social media or having an Instagram, Facebook, Twitter account, but he was also usually in touch with certain friends, acquaintances, and collaborators (including a couple mutual friends). That said, no one who I know that knows him, or knew him once, has any idea of his or Ingrid’s current whereabouts. I’m very sad at the prospect that something has happened to them. I hope they pop up again at some point. Much love to everyone who has voiced love for Tetsu’s music and concern for their well-being. If anyone does end up finding him, please give him my best.

  77. Just an ordinary human being, a fan from Lithuania. I wish this mystery is going to get solved one day. First encounter with his music was when I was like 17 or 18. Now I am about to turn 22… Time goes but Tetsu is still somewhere unknown…

  78. Tetsu has been in a preemptive coronavirus lockdown all these years. He saw where things were headed and got there first.

  79. Tetsu Inoue might be an emanation of Nagarjuna, but without meeting him in person I cannot officially commit to this statement

  80. There’s a theory I’ve seen online that Tetsu moved back to Japan and died in the Tsunami. I found an (incomplete) list of those deceased in the Tsunami.


    There are several people on the list with the name Inoue but thankfully no Tetsu Inoue. The closest I found was Tasuku Inoue.

    • Maybe you can also check Ingrid Baier?
      On the Inland album i found her name as a special thanks to this album. Also the names of a Andrew Price, David Robert, Andy Thomas Sending Orbs.
      Thanks for checking, it is good to know he is not in the list. However i don’t know if theyre are still missing people after the tsunami that are not on this list? The last time im listening more to his work. And was thinking of he is been found. ..but not. And i read earlier that he now lives in Portugal or Spain? I hope it is.
      If he dont want to be found i accept that. And we can rest. But ” we” and not only me i see were all want to know what happened.

  81. Really hope Tetsu just doesn’t want to be found

  82. I first heard Tetsu in the 90’s in college and quickly became a follower. Whenever I would play something of his for friends, the room would become hushed in a way that seemed to thicken the very air around us as we followed the path this master slowly swept before us- irrevocably moved. Very few artists have changed me. He is one of them.

    When I learned of his disappearance several years ago after 15 years or so of adult life got in the way of the proper listening and reproduction of this fine music, my heart broke. In the years since, my mind periodically returns and I find the bread crumbs on this page frustratingly sparse and hopeless. If this thread becomes his default elegy, I just wanted to submit my humble offering of continued love and appreciation for this extraordinary artist to the aether.

  83. i was friends with tetsu and ingrid and have great memories spending time with them in the bay area and in new york. his disappearance has been a total mystery and i worry we’ll never know what happened to him. i forget exactly when it was but the last time i spoke with him he called to tell me he was moving back to japan to be closer to his family, his dad was having health problems. i wish i had made more of an effort to keep in contact after he left, i never got his number in japan and later when i emailed there was no response. i’ve followed up with many of his friends over the years and no one knows anything so i fear the worst. i moved to japan recently and will continue to ask around but as so many others have also tried i’m not optimistic, so much time has passed i don’t think he’s just being reclusive.

    • Andy …A couple of years ago I posted that I thought he’d returned to Japan . He is from Kyushu , where I live , and being a provincial area it is quite easy to live inconspiculously . Why he chose to drop out of sight – if that is what he did – is anybody’s guess . Of course your fearing the worse has happened is a distinct possibilty . Curious – where are you in Japan ? I’ve lived in Japan ( Kanagawa , Saitama . Kumamoto ) for over 30 years .

      • i do hope he’s just living a quiet life somewhere and might resurface someday when he’s ready. he’s was always seeking solitude and would drive up to the place he rented in the catskills during the week to get away from the chaos of the city as well as spending a lot of time in nature in marin CA. it’s just hard for me to understand why he would give up releasing music and become completely reclusive for so so long.

        i’m in kyoto, but my wife’s family is from oita and we were just in kyushu a few weeks ago! if you want to chat more feel free to hit me up at andythomas at gmail

  84. Pretty sure Testu Inoue is jouhatsu. Every year, thousands of people in Japan purposely vanish from their established lives without a trace. This probably is the case with Tetsu Inoue, too.

    This is what is written in wikipedia: people become jouhatsu for a number of reasons, including depression, addiction, sexual impropriety, and desire for isolation. Sometimes, it is used to escape domestic violence, gambling debt, religious cults, stalkers, employers, and difficult family situations.The shame of job loss, divorce, and even failing an exam can also motivate people to disappear. In some cases, becoming jouhatsu is a way to just have a fresh start. When they disappear, they can abandon their former residences, jobs, families, names, and even appearances.

    He most likely is living a quite life under different name and we can only wonder what made him choose to go this way.

    • Possible of course , but unlikely methinks . Why he quit music only he or a very close friend of his could tell you . Assuming he is still alive , hell , he could be playing piano in a jazz bar in Fukuoka twice a week under an alias and nobody would know . Maybe living with or taking care of a parent or parents . It is also very possible he is no longer with us .

  85. Has anyone else seen the facebook page called ‘Tetsu Inoue – Upon the Inhalation of Tomorrow’ it looks like it’s been idle for a long time but is it Tetsu related or somthing with a similar name?

  86. I remember reading this article some time back, somehow cross-referenced to something i was reading on BoingBoing. My radio station just queued up the opening stanza of Shades of Orion 2, an absolutely sublime piece of collaboration between him & Mr. Namlook

    I feel that Tetsu Inoue is one of the Ascendant Masters of the Ambient genre. I believe I launced this page of his albums back in 1997


    There’s this subtle balance — between wishing him well in whatever life choices he makes — and a sad selfish wish that I could hear more, to have followed how his form would have evolved with time & wisdom, etc.

    • HUGE fan of the old Sleepbot website going back to the 90s. Discovered a lot of fantastic music from your numerous artist summaries back in the day. Agree with your sentiment 100%… it’s a tough balance to maintain. Especially Now™

      • My 2 thoughts:

        1) On Spotify, his artist profile is verified… Is that possible, by not being himself or somebody close to him?
        2) If his family is owning a couple of restaurants in Japan, why not trying to get in touch with them?

      • 1) Never used Spotify so I wouldn’t know.
        2) Out of respect for his privacy, I’m done actively hunting. If he wants to be found he knows what to do. And if he doesn’t, poking around his private life would unlikely be appreciated. I do wish there was more music though.

      • 1) Afaik, a verified artist profile on Spotify is only available for the real artist himself and/or his verified legal representive because the money based on the listenings goes right into his bank account. Spotify checks on these profiles prior to the verification. For me that’s a good sign, that he is still out there…
        2) I fully understand, makes sense

    • I’m still listen to the sleepbot, many thanks for keeping it running. The collection you play is nothing short of brilliant.

    • The largest number of ongoing regular Sleepbot Constructs listeners to be found anywhere in the world – are right here in this thread.

  87. Really hoping he is safe and doing well.

  88. I’m jumping into the sleuthing here–part of me just wonders if Tetsu has any idea there is a small group of fans of his music out here, that his music has never fallen into total obscurity. Here we go.

    In the early 2000s, it would seem that Tetsu (Tetsunosuke) Inoue (and possibly Ingrid) ran a brief record label called Otodisc out of his 2350 Broadway #1204 apartment. They released two albums: Aaron Miller ‘Modularia’ and HAT ‘DSP Holiday’. Both are listed on Discogs. You can still access the very minimal Otodisc website on the wayback machine: http://www.otodisc.com. Also, according to searchpeoplefree.com it would seem that the person who lived in that apartment in the years right before Tetsu was Eunjoo Sohn, who is currently a pilates instructor in California. Her IG is public and it appears that she has family in Japan. I wonder if they are related. Her IG is: https://www.instagram.com/eunjoosohn/. Should someone reach out to her, explain this post here, and just try to find out if she knows him at all, and if he’s alright?

  89. Inland and Yolo are sacred pieces of music, their significance for me is beyond words. I feel so much gratitude for Tetsu’s genius— it lives on in my ears daily. I hope he’s out there somewhere….

  90. Happy 2022 everyone… Still here and still wondering about this mystery of Tetsu Inoue… Listening to an absolute masterpiece of Tetsu Inoue & Jonah Sharp – Morphing Cloud. Impossible to explain and grasp the atmosphere this track creates

  91. some day we should all aspire to disappear

  92. Dear followers of Tetsu, following the comments realy….. Time to mention here Tetsu and Phonaut are in my next radio show ( WavemansUnderground) February 25th 2022 See for details and link http://emportal.info/viewforum.php?f=58 cheers, John Valk The Netherlands

  93. Hi, everyone. I made a comment here about 5-6 years ago. Came back after thinking about Tetsu and his story to see if anything new has come up. Now that I’m older, more mature, and additionally living in Japan, I have a more realistic grasp of this story.

    Very simply, it just makes the most sense that he is back in Japan. He’s not a missing person in the US (or Japan, if you go with the tsunami theory). Given the testimonies of friends and colleagues that were surprised that he didn’t give any notice even after discovering he had gone (which is what originally swayed me to believe he had passed in an accident) can be explained by a common and traditional Japanese values. Hard to explain it in English since I learned it mostly in Japan, but essentially if he wanted to close that chapter of his life, it would be completely closed, especially for a private person like he seemed to be. And like others have said, Japan is so busy that it’s quite easy to disappear into privacy and obscurity.

    Currently listening to Biotrip for the first time since 2016. It’s hard to believe I was only 16 when I wrote my original post. I’m 22 now and used his music to help me get through caring for my grandmother in her last few months, so he was there for me in spirit through his music for all of that, and for this he’ll always be one of my favorite musicians. Whatever his reasons were, and whatever he’s up to now, I wish him the absolute best, and will continue to think about him, one of my biggest inspirations.

    Cheers, everyone. I’m glad we all get to experience the bliss of Tetsu’s music together over all this time. His fanbase is truly dedicated to him, and that’s an amazing thing.

    -Vector, Setagaya, Japan.

    • Vector …Greets from Kumamoto …Envy your living in Setagaya …Wish I still lived in the Tokyo area …Kumamoto sucks . Cheers !

  94. I just discovered his music an hour ago and stumbled upon this thread simultaneously. This is one of the most beautiful things i have read on the internet. When this thread started i was just a kid playing with my toys… Its like memories embedded in messages searching for Tetsu.
    I hope he is alright.

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