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MoonDropTwo recent mixes have been added to the archive. Taking inspiration from recent Chicago area shows, including Skinny Puppy’s performance in February and a rare appearance by Chris & Cosey back in January. We’ve had a memorable winter here in the windy city with temps reaching down beyond what’s typical for the north and south poles on several days. As Ogre might say, it was like a whirlwind blowing through the soul. The first mix, Fires of Industry, features a tune from Cevin Key’s Doubting Thomas project, with engineering contributions from Severed Head’s Tom Ellard on the track The Run. Also included is another SP spinoff project, Hilt, with a fantastic instrumental espousing grave wisdom. Chris & Cosey present new interpretations of classic Trance material on a release offered during the tour with a remix of Cowboys in Cuba. Follow the thread through soundtrack material courtesy of Coil, splashes of melody from The Orb, even a track from Death In June containing Orb-esque elements. Severed Heads, David Lynch, and Lassigue Bendthaus (23rd anniversary edition of Matter) also make appearances. Finish it out with brand new uplifting tracks from Padmasana and ISHQ.

Next in the mix queue is Leidenfrost which, after a brief rhythm+noise intro session, mellows quickly into mostly beatless deep space explorations featuring brand new material from STL, S.E.T.I. (aka Lagowski), cv313, Skyscaper, and recently remastered monochrome ambient soundscapes originally produced for Lustmord’s Side Effects label back in the golden age of exploratory ambient electronics, manifesting in the form of Superficial Depth’s (aka Atom™) Digital Superimposing. Additional aural navigations provided by Fluxion, Woob, Rapoon, Pub, Arovane, Jet Chamber, and Tetsu Inoue.

Fires of Industry mix:
Leidenfrost mix:
Phonaut Mix Archive:
Phonaut @ MixesBD:


~ by phonaut on April 12, 2014.

One Response to “Recent Mixes Added”

  1. Just finished listening to Leidenfrost…Wow! Crazy-excellent! Every second of this mix was a pleasure.

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