New Mixes >For You<

spacesuitA clutch of new mixes has been added to the Mix Archive. Start out with a nearly 4-hour escapade into sound, a recording of my radio show from last month featuring a number of different styles and moods. As this is the raw file recording of the radiophonic session, it includes voiceovers from the live broadcast on 89.3 WNUR-FM which saturated Chicago airwaves on a dark October Friday night.

Second in line we have Bass Philosophies v8, a 90-minute session of 4-to-the-floor beats in the tradition of all previous mixes in this series. I should also mention I will be retiring the Bass Philosophies series after reaching edition #10 in a few months. Note this mix was featured in the above radio show and as such partially overlaps with it, but lacks the intrusive voiceovers.

After BPv8, check out the Astral Cowboy mix which explores spaced out soul-searching ambient worlds in a mostly beatless context, celebrating the cosmic rendezvous of the European Space Agency’s Philae Lander with comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. This event was an inspiring and momentous one reminiscent of Arthur C. Clark’s excellent 2061 novel, which followed 2001 and 2010. The Astral Cowboy takes you on a nearly 100-minute tour of immersive soundscapes designed for the discerning listener.

Finally we have A Chilling Word. Another ambient set which explores further the uncategorical soundworlds of innerspace. Inspired by a recent trip to Japan for Mindgames’ wonderful Labyrinth event, this one-hour set maintains a downtempo groove throughout, keeping the wave going without actually cresting… whatever that means.

I should also mention, without dropping names, these recent mixes primarily include content from folks with whom I have direct contact at one time or another, which seems to be a recurring theme of late. Some of these associates tuned into the radio show mentioned above while it transpired. For a more accurate and image-enhanced recollection of these recent mind-expanding experiences, as well as a deeper integration with the esotronic network, check out Brother Wormgear’s excellent coverage of Labyrinth 2014, our fascinating Kamakura adventure, the Nezu Shrine Festival, our Owl Cafe Experience, the Asakusa incident, and a report on the ghostly town of Naeba near to where the unforgettable Labyrinth 2014 occurred.

Looking ahead, the annual Happy New Ears 2015 mix peeks over the horizon, although no one can be sure when this mix will be done and ready for posting. Also, the playlists for these mixes have not yet been posted but are as yet forthcoming. For now, enjoy the sounds! All four mixes are now posted to Mixcloud for instant streaming action, or available for download and safekeeping in the Phonaut Mix Archive.


~ by phonaut on November 21, 2014.

2 Responses to “New Mixes >For You<”

  1. Great stuff!! 2014 has been quite an eventful year!

  2. Hi Noah. Just listening to A Chilling Word mix. Superb, as are all of the others that you have created. Greetings from Dublin. Lease keep this blog/mix-hub going. It’s a gem.
    Kind regards.
    Colm – ex Ambient DJ 🙂

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