NoChicago Podcast #7 & Secret Sound Wisdom

phonaut.comPresenting two new mixes for your auditory predilection. First a recent chillout set, Secret Sound Wisdom, hopefully fulfills your minimum requirements for deep space ambient and atmospheric territories. Segments featured include: William Basinski’s Disintegration Loops, a taste of Donato Dozzy & Nuel’s Aquaplano Sessions, ripe sounds from Imaginary Softwoods, recent Woob, Reformed Faction, the Future Sound of London, How To Disappear Completely, Tetsu Inoue, Ishqamatics, cv313 and many others.

Also this week, NoChicago launches volume #7 of its DJ podcast, featuring a mix that’s a bit of a departure from my often sci-fi-themed sessions. Judging from the handful of past guest mixes and reviews already up at the site, there are some tall expectations to meet. For this edition of NoChicago we explore beat-laden artifacts and a lounge state of mind, alongside carefully considered sprinkles of sound all pieced together in a seamless mix that playfully beckons. Features artists such as: Burnt Friedmann and the Nu Dub Players, the Roger Tubesound Ensemble, Max & Harvey, Moodymann, Datacide, Submerse, Clams Casino, Malou Mørkeberg, Coil, and others. Playlists for both sets to follow. Lovingly assembled by hand at D’Ark studio on Chicago’s north side. NoChicago is a new blog featuring reviews, mixes from local Chicago area DJs, and other information likely pertaining to your areas of sonic interest. Check them out at


~ by phonaut on March 23, 2015.

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