Phonaut mix for FIBER

FIBER Podcast #29 Phonaut

FIBER Podcast #29 Phonaut

The Dutch collective known as FIBER is an organization that exists at the intersection of design and technology. They organize the FIBER festival which occurs this coming Friday and Saturday in Amsterdam. Their website showcases a fascinating constellation of interesting projects and activities served up in a tasteful manner, so be sure to poke your head in. FIBER also curates a podcast and this month is episode #29 featuring my latest ambient mix which is a follow-up to last summer’s nocturnal session, Sleep2Dream (stream/download). Catch up on mixes you may have missed in the mix archive. Playlists for two other recent mixes have been posted over at mixesdb, so check out the tracks for Happy New Ears 2015 (stream/download) and Secret Sound Wisdom (stream/download) if interested. Coming Soon: Saddle Beyond the Stars


~ by phonaut on May 12, 2015.

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