Summertime Headphone Navigations

ChiSkyLineNiteThree more mixes have been added to the mix archive. Invented Landscapes (stream / download) and Interdimensional Perceptions (stream / download) both being mostly nebulous narratives broken up by occasional downtempo rhythmic structures, ready for streaming and download at the regular places. The live appearance at Rodan here in Chicago back in June here got some of those juices flowing again though, and being a more upbeat affair we should see maybe one or two more beat-heavy mixes arriving before too long as we make our way into cooler weather. As previously mentioned, the Bass Philosophies mix series will be wrapping up with upcoming episodes 9 & 10 offering more rigorous four-on-the-floor features but never neglecting those ever-prescient ambient elements. Last but not least, how about another 2-hours of recent summertime listening in mixed format for your warm weather conditions. Check out Listening Habits (stream / download) which hopefully packs a few surprises and random turns down ambient history’s countless curious alleys. Also, a couple more playlists were posted due to numerous demands, so if you are interested in the crate digging do check those out.


~ by phonaut on August 13, 2015.

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