Mix for Natural Fractal

2df4-bc77-467b-b520-ea399999ca24A new Phonaut mix, executed for the Natural Fractal event last weekend, is now available for streaming and download. By turns hidden, haunted and heartwarming, this session occurred live during the mysterious and uplifting pre-dawn hours from 4-6am on the morning of July 3rd. This private outdoor event roughly two hours west of Chicago was an unforgettable weekend spent with wonderful people and in a perfectly secluded woodland setting. The spirit of nature is in full effect for these two hours, where at times the surrounding wildlife blended exquisitely with the gently synthesized waves emanating from an immersive 6-way sound system.


~ by phonaut on July 8, 2016.

2 Responses to “Mix for Natural Fractal”

  1. Sounds bloody fantastic. I love these kind of gigs. Miss playing ambient music outdoors in the forest. Tetsu first off !!! I played Zenith once in a chillout tent at a bush party, went down well. I used cd rips of course at the time !

    If I ever make it over there sometime I would love to be at one of these gigs with you playing mate.

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