Mixes (Three Different Ones)

8176-0de0-473b-9f2d-387eca99da22.jpegThree new mixes were recently posted to the Mix Archive. Strangely, the 2016 edition of the annual Happy New Ears mix seemed to go missing in action all year. Here it is at last, paired with this year’s additional Happy New Ears 2017. Clocking in around two hours each, both sessions feature recent favorites and classic sounds blended and pulled into, at times, wild and unexpected musical territories. In addition, we also have Saddle Beyond the Stars, a follow-up of sorts to 2014’s Astral Cowboy [stream – download]. I hope they please your thirsty ears.

Happy New Ears 2016 – streamdownload

Happy New Ears 2017 – streamdownload

Saddle Beyond the Stars – streamdownload



~ by phonaut on January 6, 2017.

One Response to “Mixes (Three Different Ones)”

  1. How crazy! Last January I was wondering about this and thought maybe you just decided not to do a Happy New Ears 2016.

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