Summer’17 Mixes Update

NaturalFractal2A few more recent mixes are now in the Mix Archive. First off, a sunrise rendition of deep ambient soundforms from the clandestine annual meeting of Diane’s Hunting Club entitled Natural Fractal II. A mixed session captured over the recent holiday weekend performed in the forest to a special group of several dozen like-minded souls encamped in the deep woods, then imported and re-enhanced in the studio for good measure. Next up, number nine in the bass-heavy 4-on-the-floor series Bass Philosophies brings the beats which tactfully anchor textural sounds of spacious floatation. New Silverdome is a deep ambient set that has been sitting on the burner for a while, and after numerous nocturnal testing sessions this mix may best be played late at night, either as sonic sleep fodder or for otherwise non-disruptive, beats-free introspective listening. Last but not least, Forgotten Futures serves up some welcome summertime downtempo grooves along with other challenging and moody moments later on. As always, all mixes lovingly assembled using only the highest quality analog and digital ingredients for clarity and full range frequency definition: all sonic artifacts are intended.

Natural Fractal IIstreamdownload

Bass Philosophies v9streamdownload

New Silverdomestreamdownload

Forgotten Futuresstreamdownload


~ by phonaut on July 15, 2017.

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