Autumn’17 Update

VykhodSilyMy latest ambient mix, a one-hour immersion session for Vykhod Sily, is now available for download and streaming. The Vykhod Sily Podcast, or The Way The Force Is Coming Through, was launched by Rustee of the Special Request Crew back in 2013. Stream this episode from Mixcloud. Alternatively, stream the episode directly from HearThis. If you prefer to have the file here is the direct download.

Playlist for Phonaut’s Vykhod Sily Podcast
Snufmumriko: Driftwood
Ligovskoï: Labiate
Saunas: Majai
wzrdryAV: Octophase Meditation (Minimal Mix)
Variant: Upon A Dream (remaster)
X. Perry Menthol: molé
Coil: Circulating (live)
Biosphere: With Their Paddles In A Puddle
The Future Sound of London: Repetition Is A Form Of Change
Vangelis: Case2
2814: 私たちは、ハイパーマーケットをさまよう
Mind Over MIDI: Bioship
Aeonics: aoienoiAnotherPlace

Another recent session, Mix from Another Place, is also available. This recent mix, inspired by David Lynch’s often bizarre cinematic visions, includes darkened lounge selections with an air of mystery or the unknown.

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 3.09.57 PMRecently on a trip to Detroit I created a short hyperlapse video of the complete Detroit People Mover loop. It takes about 13 minutes to go all the way around the city on the Detroit People Mover, and this video is timelapsed around 10x so you can see the entire route in 90 seconds. Check it out on YouTube or Vimeo.

~ by phonaut on October 5, 2017.

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