Natural Fractal II

Gas: Narkopop #4
Neotropic: Je
Orb: 10 Sultans of Rudyard
FSOL: Environments 1 (excerpt)
Sraunus: Arpiaus
Feral: Heruka 4
Mind Over MIDI: Solar Day
Sepalcure: Hurts So Bad
Leech: Wind Farmer
Traumprinz: Let It Go
Fjäder: Vegvísir
Pub: Heavy Metal
Variant: Flux Reprise
Steve Roach: Flowstone
Elve: Plant Cell Perceptions
Atom Heart: While My Synth Gently Sweeps
Tetsu Inoue: Super Nature
Yunomi: Shou
Sinepearl: Dewdrop
ISHQ: Forest Stream
2814: 赤い夜明け

Natural Fractal II: streamdownload


~ by phonaut on April 30, 2019.

2 Responses to “Natural Fractal II”

  1. I’ve just been listening to the first Natural Fractal and was happy to find that there’s more! 🙂 The download link for this one appears to point to a different mix though. I thought I’d let you know (and I figured out your file naming from NF III and found it stored on your server as Phonaut-NaturalFractal2.mp3;)

    Thanks for providing these mixes. Natural Fractal was my soundtrack while working on some recent forest photos and it’s great. 🙂

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