Narcosonic Tactical Ambient Sleep Pack

Screen Shot 2020-06-13 at 2.47.03 PMI’m pleased to roll out the Narcosonic Tactical Ambient sleep pack, a series of 4×2-hour mixes optimized with sounds for an all-night schedule of nonstop soporific sonics. Now that Sleeper Hits IV is available you can create a nocturnal listening program by queuing up Sleeper Hits volumes 1-4 mixes for over eight hours of hypnogogic synthesis, otherworldly sounds, and dream sequences. All mixes designed and sleep-tested at DarkArk SleepLab. Beatless discoveries await, delivered via soundscapes comprised of only the most memorable REM-worthy selections.

Sleeper Hits: stream/infodownload

Sleeper Hits II: stream/infodownload

Sleeper Hits III: stream/infodownload

Sleeper Hits IV: stream/info – download

Sleeper Hits IV full playlist:
Tetsu Inoue & Jonah Sharp (Electro Harmonix): Sleeptone
Secede: Ballroom Arcade
Vir Unis & James Johnson: Indivisible Circles
Shorelights: Bioluminescence A (excerpt)
BT Gate X-138: Klyuchi
Snufmumriko: This Tide Will Bring You Home
Fatih Tutor: Ormanda
Namlook & Tetsu Inoue (2350 Broadway): Ethereal Being
ISHQ: Dimensions of Air
Biosphere: Hilsondis
Radius: Interpolation 11
Leandro Fresco: Brenda
Marcus Guentner: Limb
Steve Roach: Carbondate
Woob: Megaplexドリフタ
Pinkcourtesyphone: Under Chandeliers
Futurology: Ufology
Donnacha Costello: Mountain


~ by phonaut on June 13, 2020.

5 Responses to “Narcosonic Tactical Ambient Sleep Pack”

  1. I’m listening to part 1 right now and quite like it. Mixcloud doesn’t show a tracklist at all though, is that how it is with them?

    • Hi Alex, thanks for reminding me. Post is updated with the full tracklist. Thanks for listening!

      • Thanks! I know the first of the mixes is ~1 year old already, but is there a chance that you can identify the track that plays ~22 minutes in, in the first mix? 🙂 (the track is mostly pads/strings and bells)

  2. Ah, yes that’s Autumn Light part 5 by ISHQ:

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