End of 2021 Update

New DJ mixes and a Live Phonaut session available at the following links:

Cowboy 3: Shootin’ Stars – third wild west themed mix, don’t squat with your spurs on!

stream https://www.mixcloud.com/phonaut/cowboy-3-shootin-stars/

download http://www.phonaut.com/mixes/Phonaut-ShootinStars.mp3

Seven Ways to Sunday – sonic summary of recent listening habits

stream https://www.mixcloud.com/phonaut/seven-ways-to-sunday/

download http://www.phonaut.com/mixes/Phonaut-7Ways2Sunday.mp3

Natural Fractal VI – woodland sunrise set recorded live deep in the wild woods DHC

stream https://www.mixcloud.com/phonaut/natural-fractal-vi/

download http://www.phonaut.com/mixes/Phonaut-NaturalFractalVI.mp3

Phonaut Live @ DHC21 – live phonaut performance captured from the soundboard https://www.mixcloud.com/phonaut/live-dhc21/

Podval Wireless – eclectic mix session for m50/etc radio, phonaut segment starts @ 2:59

stream https://www.mixcloud.com/m50/kolega-dj-lgcc-lokua-phonaut-etc-20201120/

Robot Soap Opera – summertime mix for m50/etc radio, phonaut segment starts @ 2:07

stream https://www.mixcloud.com/m50/alex-steiner-phonaut-rss-etc-20201106/

Playin’ Favorites – beat oriented mix for m50/etc radio, phonaut segment starts @ 1:07

stream https://www.mixcloud.com/m50/alex-steiner-phonaut-borna-farshid-etc-20210611/


~ by phonaut on December 25, 2021.

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