Cowboy 3: Shootin’ Stars

Volume 3 in the wild west themed series, now a trilogy of mixes. Confused? Please refer to the previous installments entitled Astral Cowboy & Saddle Beyond the Stars. While this is a very organic down-to-earth session, some of these tunes have been with me for decades (Eno, Spectrum, A Small Good Thing, Roy Buchanan) have stood the test of time and whose power has never dwindled. There are also new sounds and spacely-ness mixed in. Expect deep deliverance of big sky vibes, whispering winds, gentle drifters, outlaw ambience, and other images and interludes inspired by the old west. See the full playlist below. And remember… never squat with your spurs on!

Banzai Republic: Gamblin’ Man
The Orb: First Consider the Lillies
Yage: Pygmy
Dub Trees: La Rosa (live while you live)
O Yuki Conjugate: Gathering Shadows
FSOL: Glacier (part 1)
Max & Harvey: Big Amoeba Sound
Eno: Silver Morning
ISHQ: Willow Ways
Chuck Johnson: Brahmi
Spectrum: Quicksilver Glide Divine (Soul Wither edit)
A Small, Good Thing: Drowning Light
Rapoon: Slender… In Clouds
Beatsystem: Alabama
Roy Buchanan: Fly… Night Bird



~ by phonaut on January 2, 2022.

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