Saddle Beyond the Stars

c949-918e-463e-93ea-424627f43d51.jpgSaddle Beyond the Stars, the follow-up mix to 2014’s Astral Cowboy:

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Full Playlist:

Biosphere: Dissolving the Clouds
Woob: The Surface
Iminazole: Shoyedo
D.Å.R.F.D.H.S.: Lidandets Lustgård
Monoloc feat Tijana T: No GHSTS
Flanger: Chlorophyll Drop Shot
Autechre: newbound
Arovane: Il_Eth
Richard Devine: Oxin2lin
H.A.T.: Arizona Analyzer
Burnt Friedman: Soundtrack 17
Orb: Battersea Bunches
FSOL: Insides
Hank & Slim: Where Dust Settles
Autumn of Communion: Solar Image (ISHQ rmx)
Lustmord: Silent Night Redux
Woob: Amoeba
Second Nature: Green Paste
FSOL: Garden of Syn
No.Inc.: Hard Time
Rapoon: Ochre
Autumn of Communion: Interval 2
(Green Paste reprise)
Material Object: c33k
ISHQ: Indian Summer
A Small, Good Thing: Godforsaken
Rapoon: The Delta Ends
Max & Harvey: Space Therapy (outro)


~ by phonaut on May 18, 2022.

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