Natural Fractal VII

Woodland sunrise mix from the annual DHC meeting. Trees, music, and a shift from darkness to light.

Stream or Download the mix

Full Playlist:

Orb: Pluto Calling (excerpt)

Lou Reed: Satellite of Love

Cocteau Twins: An Elan

Atom: Ground Loop

DeepChord: Sub-Marine

Maurizio: m6

GRIT: Piagga

Octal Industries: Another Day

Francis Harris: Minor Forms (Valentino Mora Underwater Rephase)

Dohnavùr: New Objectivity (The Orb’s Rest and Be Thankful Mix)

Shpongle: And the Day Turned to Night

Curve: Rising (FSOL Headspace Mix)

Amorphous Androgynous: In Mind 

Mixmaster Morris & Jonah Sharp: Waraitake

Jairamji: Elephant Waltz

Illuvia: Nirmala II

Mayko: Pura

Thompson & Nightingale: Cloud Formations

FSOL: Ill Flower

Pink Floyd: Signs of Life

Adham Shaikh & Tim Floyd: Portals (Part II)

Our Lady of the Flowers: Quantum Prayer One

KLF: Elvis On the Radio, Steel Guitar In My Soul

Pub: Summer

Sir Isaac Neutron: Ra’s Beach

Chi Factory: Mantra Part 3 (excerpt)

Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement: Watery Grave

The Orb: Pervitin In Dub + What A Wonderful World

Chuck Person: Eccojams B4

FSOL: Domain

Namlook & New Composers: Russian Spring (part 3)

Otik: Neuron Blossom

Radius: interpolation [eleven]


~ by phonaut on January 31, 2023.

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