Happy New Ears 2023

Better late than never. To be fair, this was posted and available since the 2022 holidays, but in stealth mode. Flagship Mix: One Solar Year.

Stream or Download the mix.

Full playlist:

Lucky & Easy: Night Rainbows

Gache Bakradze: The Prayer

Lego Feet (excerpt)

Aiwa: Etamorph

Plant43: Pale Staghorn

Echo Delta: 6am 

FSOL: Normality Returns

Martin Schulte: New Moon

MAS2008: Operation Sekter 

Matin: Influencing the Narrative

Monoder: Mole

Nocow: Feels Better (outro)

Sangam: Barren 

Santos: Ke Dolor (Banzai Republic Mix)

FSOL: Transient Empires

Skee Mask: VLI

ISHQ: Nightshade

Golden Baby: Graduation

Carl Craig: At Les 

DJ Metatron: Untitled E3

HKE: Ghost

Leonel Castillo: Arktapes Space Version (1A2) 

Low Orbit Satellite: Propeller

Terekke: Tack

Ohrwert: Sonometric

Mark Ernestus VS Obadikah: April

DeepChord: Driftwood


~ by phonaut on February 4, 2023.

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