Happy New Ears 2018

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HNE18Skinny Puppy: One Day
Woob: It Begins Adaptation
Donnacha Costello: Slowly Through Fog
Rapoon: Air Gliden
Orb: Kompania Grooved Ware Mix
Herd: Tangent 41
FSOL: Some Degree of Sanctuary
Machinedrum: Vizion Centered
Imaginary Softwoods: Indigo
Tycho: Brother
Futurology: Kodex
Dots (Atom Heart): Friendly Cortex
Aerial Service Area: Liquid Water
Tetsu Inoue: Particular Moments
D.A.R.F.D.H.S.: Down the River Volchov
Arovane: Quite Music
Orb: Wireless (Leandro Fresco mix)
ISHQ: Forest Stream
Namlook & New Composers: Russian Spring 3
Radius: Transversewaves
Sraunus: Utopija
Mr Cloudy: Joy of Flying
Terekke: wav1
2814: 赤い夜明け
Vince Watson: Celtic Beauty
Benjamin Brunn: Lying Flat Looking Up
Biosphere: Sweet Dreams From A Shade

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The Five of Tentacles

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Rapoon: Burning Rainbows (intro)
Woob: Omou III
BR2049: Someone Lived This
Woob: 09 終了 セッション
FSOL: Hurt
Second Woman: 400425cc2
Conforce: Aquatic Movement
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement: Beyond the Yellow-Spotted Bamboo
Vir Unis & Steve Roach: Homunculous Within
W.J.Boydstun: Metamorphosisphonaut.com
Experiments In Silence: Encrypted Transmissions
2814: Transference
Aeonics: Mvoid Droid
Triola: L’Atalante
Secede: Foliage Pathway
wzrdryAV: Neighborhood Ghosts
Bonecold: Rain
Shorelights: Fell From The Sky
Biosphere: Seal & the Hydrophone
Radius: Interpolation 5
Rod Modell: Dawn Dusk & Darkness (intro)
Burial: Subtemple
Millie & Andrea: Quay
David Lynch: Slow 30s Room
Download: Re:Dux Part 4 (intro)
Rapoon: We Pray For Rain
Delerium: Fathoms
Modula Green: Green Lava
Seraphim Rytm: Andromeda 2
Burger / Voigt: Frieden

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Pink Phalloïde

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pinkSraunus: Solana
Deepchord: Azure
Donnacha Costello: No Gain
cv313: Isis Remake
Chris & Cosey: Dancing Ghosts (Remixed)
2814: New Sun
ISHQ: Across the Vale
FSOL: Episode
Advanced Dreams: Water (Am.Light Dub)
cv313: Above Clouds
Inward Content: Gravitational Collapse
Mr Cloudy: Hermit’s Dub
154: Spirit
Octal Industries: Himinglæva #4
Thomas Fehlmann: Atlas
Radius: Soul Rotation
Variant: Auratia (excerpt)
Vir Unis: Aberration of Light

Pink Phalloïde: streamdownload

Natural Fractal III

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Amorphous Androgynous: Ocean of Regrets & Last Respects
Woob: Another Way 続
Bola: Fhorth
FSOL: Globular Long Form (excerpt)
Coil: Enochian Callingfraktal3
Tomita: A Sea Named Solaris
Mind Over MIDI: Natural Flow
LFO: Blown
Marco Madia: Photosynthesis
MAS2008: GhostTrain
2350 Broadway: Morning Spirit
The Orb: Alpine Dawn
Secede: Sleeping World
The Moon & the Melodies: Memory Gongs
Arovane & Hior Chronik: A Day November 2013
Radius: Transverse Waves (cv313 reshape)
2814: 悲哀
No.Inc.: Early Reflections II
Omni Vu Diety: Nuiemu
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement: Jungle Is A Shapeshifter

Natural Fractal III: streamdownload

Epigenetic Soundforms

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Boards of Canada: In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country
epigeneticDesolate: Sputnik Sunrise
Tycho: From Home
Secede: Leraine
Malou Mørkeberg: Intergalactic Oompa Loompa
Tipper: Grabbers Holders
Sorrow: Lifedance
Sepalcure: Fight For Us
Submerse: Can We Go Back + Blips In December
Falty DL: St Marks Sepalcure rmx
ViLLΛGE: Nothing Between Us
Second Woman: 100407jd7
SND: 02_13_69
Download: Tunnel
Burnt Friedman: Knuckles
Flanger: Spinner
No.Inc.: Beat By Dre
Orb:9 Elms Over River Eno (The Field rmx)
Monolake: Bicom
Vir Unis: Ringworld
Pete Namlook + Tetsu Inoue: Shades of Orion
Woob: Ambient Disaster Movie (excerpt)
Rapoon: In Golden Church

Epigenetic Soundforms: streamdownload


Ambient Defense System

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Substak: mil-02
Fluxion: Surface
Freeform: Bubbled
HAT: Kubrick
Fonosandwich: Texture Cuisine
Nonplace Urban Field: Chilled #7
Rapoon: One Thing
Future Sound of London: Harbour + Sea & LSD
Futurology: Teleportation + Time Folds In
cv313: Expansion
Radius: Culture (cv313 Reshape)
Burial: Beachfires & Kindred (outro)
Doubting Thomas: Come In Peace
Scaremeister: Razorlace
Woob: Homecoming
2814: Eyes of the Temple
Herd: Tangent 35
Nocow: Havoc
Desolate: Imagination
The Orb: 1st Consider the Lillies
ISHQ & Plank: Erdunus Pasties
Woob: Finishing Move
Secede: Realms of Sanda

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Happy New Ears 2018

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