Happy New Ears 2018

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HNE18Skinny Puppy: One Day
Woob: It Begins Adaptation
Donnacha Costello: Slowly Through Fog
Rapoon: Air Gliden
Orb: Kompania Grooved Ware Mix
Herd: Tangent 41
FSOL: Some Degree of Sanctuary
Machinedrum: Vizion Centered
Imaginary Softwoods: Indigo
Tycho: Brother
Futurology: Kodex
Dots (Atom Heart): Friendly Cortex
Aerial Service Area: Liquid Water
Tetsu Inoue: Particular Moments
D.A.R.F.D.H.S.: Down the River Volchov
Arovane: Quite Music
Orb: Wireless (Leandro Fresco mix)
ISHQ: Forest Stream
Namlook & New Composers: Russian Spring 3
Radius: Transversewaves
Sraunus: Utopija
Mr Cloudy: Joy of Flying
Terekke: wav1
2814: 赤い夜明け
Vince Watson: Celtic Beauty
Benjamin Brunn: Lying Flat Looking Up
Biosphere: Sweet Dreams From A Shade

Happy New Ears 2018: streamdownload

The Five of Tentacles

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Rapoon: Burning Rainbows (intro)
Woob: Omou III
BR2049: Someone Lived This
Woob: 09 終了 セッション
FSOL: Hurt
Second Woman: 400425cc2
Conforce: Aquatic Movement
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement: Beyond the Yellow-Spotted Bamboo
Vir Unis & Steve Roach: Homunculous Within
W.J.Boydstun: Metamorphosisphonaut.com
Experiments In Silence: Encrypted Transmissions
2814: Transference
Aeonics: Mvoid Droid
Triola: L’Atalante
Secede: Foliage Pathway
wzrdryAV: Neighborhood Ghosts
Bonecold: Rain
Shorelights: Fell From The Sky
Biosphere: Seal & the Hydrophone
Radius: Interpolation 5
Rod Modell: Dawn Dusk & Darkness (intro)
Burial: Subtemple
Millie & Andrea: Quay
David Lynch: Slow 30s Room
Download: Re:Dux Part 4 (intro)
Rapoon: We Pray For Rain
Delerium: Fathoms
Modula Green: Green Lava
Seraphim Rytm: Andromeda 2
Burger / Voigt: Frieden

The Five of Tentacles: streamdownload

Pink Phalloïde

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pinkSraunus: Solana
Deepchord: Azure
Donnacha Costello: No Gain
cv313: Isis Remake
Chris & Cosey: Dancing Ghosts (Remixed)
2814: New Sun
ISHQ: Across the Vale
FSOL: Episode
Advanced Dreams: Water (Am.Light Dub)
cv313: Above Clouds
Inward Content: Gravitational Collapse
Mr Cloudy: Hermit’s Dub
154: Spirit
Octal Industries: Himinglæva #4
Thomas Fehlmann: Atlas
Radius: Soul Rotation
Variant: Auratia (excerpt)
Vir Unis: Aberration of Light

Pink Phalloïde: streamdownload

Natural Fractal III

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Amorphous Androgynous: Ocean of Regrets & Last Respects
Woob: Another Way 続
Bola: Fhorth
FSOL: Globular Long Form (excerpt)
Coil: Enochian Callingfraktal3
Tomita: A Sea Named Solaris
Mind Over MIDI: Natural Flow
LFO: Blown
Marco Madia: Photosynthesis
MAS2008: GhostTrain
2350 Broadway: Morning Spirit
The Orb: Alpine Dawn
Secede: Sleeping World
The Moon & the Melodies: Memory Gongs
Arovane & Hior Chronik: A Day November 2013
Radius: Transverse Waves (cv313 reshape)
2814: 悲哀
No.Inc.: Early Reflections II
Omni Vu Diety: Nuiemu
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement: Jungle Is A Shapeshifter

Natural Fractal III: streamdownload

Epigenetic Soundforms

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Boards of Canada: In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country
epigeneticDesolate: Sputnik Sunrise
Tycho: From Home
Secede: Leraine
Malou Mørkeberg: Intergalactic Oompa Loompa
Tipper: Grabbers Holders
Sorrow: Lifedance
Sepalcure: Fight For Us
Submerse: Can We Go Back + Blips In December
Falty DL: St Marks Sepalcure rmx
ViLLΛGE: Nothing Between Us
Second Woman: 100407jd7
SND: 02_13_69
Download: Tunnel
Burnt Friedman: Knuckles
Flanger: Spinner
No.Inc.: Beat By Dre
Orb:9 Elms Over River Eno (The Field rmx)
Monolake: Bicom
Vir Unis: Ringworld
Pete Namlook + Tetsu Inoue: Shades of Orion
Woob: Ambient Disaster Movie (excerpt)
Rapoon: In Golden Church

Epigenetic Soundforms: streamdownload


Ambient Defense System

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Substak: mil-02
Fluxion: Surface
Freeform: Bubbled
HAT: Kubrick
Fonosandwich: Texture Cuisine
Nonplace Urban Field: Chilled #7
Rapoon: One Thing
Future Sound of London: Harbour + Sea & LSD
Futurology: Teleportation + Time Folds In
cv313: Expansion
Radius: Culture (cv313 Reshape)
Burial: Beachfires & Kindred (outro)
Doubting Thomas: Come In Peace
Scaremeister: Razorlace
Woob: Homecoming
2814: Eyes of the Temple
Herd: Tangent 35
Nocow: Havoc
Desolate: Imagination
The Orb: 1st Consider the Lillies
ISHQ & Plank: Erdunus Pasties
Woob: Finishing Move
Secede: Realms of Sanda

Ambient Defense System: streamdownload

Happy New Ears 2018

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Download or stream both recent seasonal mixes:

Ambient Defense Systemstreamdownload

Happy New Ears 2018streamdownload

Autumn’17 Update

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VykhodSilyMy latest ambient mix, a one-hour immersion session for Vykhod Sily, is now available for download and streaming. The Vykhod Sily Podcast, or The Way The Force Is Coming Through, was launched by Rustee of the Special Request Crew back in 2013. Stream this episode from Mixcloud. Alternatively, stream the episode directly from HearThis. If you prefer to have the file here is the direct download.

Playlist for Phonaut’s Vykhod Sily Podcast
Snufmumriko: Driftwood
Ligovskoï: Labiate
Saunas: Majai
wzrdryAV: Octophase Meditation (Minimal Mix)
Variant: Upon A Dream (remaster)
X. Perry Menthol: molé
Coil: Circulating (live)
Biosphere: With Their Paddles In A Puddle
The Future Sound of London: Repetition Is A Form Of Change
Vangelis: Case2
2814: 私たちは、ハイパーマーケットをさまよう
Mind Over MIDI: Bioship
Aeonics: aoienoiAnotherPlace

Another recent session, Mix from Another Place, is also available. This recent mix, inspired by David Lynch’s often bizarre cinematic visions, includes darkened lounge selections with an air of mystery or the unknown.

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 3.09.57 PMRecently on a trip to Detroit I created a short hyperlapse video of the complete Detroit People Mover loop. It takes about 13 minutes to go all the way around the city on the Detroit People Mover, and this video is timelapsed around 10x so you can see the entire route in 90 seconds. Check it out on YouTube or Vimeo.

Summer’17 Mixes Update

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NaturalFractal2A few more recent mixes are now in the Mix Archive. First off, a sunrise rendition of deep ambient soundforms from the clandestine annual meeting of Diane’s Hunting Club entitled Natural Fractal II. A mixed session captured over the recent holiday weekend performed in the forest to a special group of several dozen like-minded souls encamped in the deep woods, then imported and re-enhanced in the studio for good measure. Next up, number nine in the bass-heavy 4-on-the-floor series Bass Philosophies brings the beats which tactfully anchor textural sounds of spacious floatation. New Silverdome is a deep ambient set that has been sitting on the burner for a while, and after numerous nocturnal testing sessions this mix may best be played late at night, either as sonic sleep fodder or for otherwise non-disruptive, beats-free introspective listening. Last but not least, Forgotten Futures serves up some welcome summertime downtempo grooves along with other challenging and moody moments later on. As always, all mixes lovingly assembled using only the highest quality analog and digital ingredients for clarity and full range frequency definition: all sonic artifacts are intended.

Natural Fractal IIstreamdownload

Bass Philosophies v9streamdownload

New Silverdomestreamdownload

Forgotten Futuresstreamdownload

Mixes (Three Different Ones)

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8176-0de0-473b-9f2d-387eca99da22.jpegThree new mixes were recently posted to the Mix Archive. Strangely, the 2016 edition of the annual Happy New Ears mix seemed to go missing in action all year. Here it is at last, paired with this year’s additional Happy New Ears 2017. Clocking in around two hours each, both sessions feature recent favorites and classic sounds blended and pulled into, at times, wild and unexpected musical territories. In addition, we also have Saddle Beyond the Stars, a follow-up of sorts to 2014’s Astral Cowboy [stream – download]. I hope they please your thirsty ears.

Happy New Ears 2016 – streamdownload

Happy New Ears 2017 – streamdownload

Saddle Beyond the Stars – streamdownload