Summer’17 Mixes Update

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NaturalFractal2A few more recent mixes are now in the Mix Archive. First off, a sunrise rendition of deep ambient soundforms from the clandestine annual meeting of Diane’s Hunting Club entitled Natural Fractal II. A mixed session captured over the recent holiday weekend performed in the forest to a special group of several dozen like-minded souls encamped in the deep woods, then imported and re-enhanced in the studio for good measure. Next up, number nine in the bass-heavy 4-on-the-floor series Bass Philosophies brings the beats which tactfully anchor textural sounds of spacious floatation. New Silverdome is a deep ambient set that has been sitting on the burner for a while, and after numerous nocturnal testing sessions this mix may best be played late at night, either as sonic sleep fodder or for otherwise non-disruptive, beats-free introspective listening. Last but not least, Forgotten Futures serves up some welcome summertime downtempo grooves along with other challenging and moody moments later on. As always, all mixes lovingly assembled using only the highest quality analog and digital ingredients for clarity and full range frequency definition: all sonic artifacts are intended.

Natural Fractal IIstreamdownload

Bass Philosophies v9streamdownload

New Silverdomestreamdownload

Forgotten Futuresstreamdownload

Mixes (Three Different Ones)

•January 6, 2017 • 1 Comment

8176-0de0-473b-9f2d-387eca99da22.jpegThree new mixes were recently posted to the Mix Archive. Strangely, the 2016 edition of the annual Happy New Ears mix seemed to go missing in action all year. Here it is at last, paired with this year’s additional Happy New Ears 2017. Clocking in around two hours each, both sessions feature recent favorites and classic sounds blended and pulled into, at times, wild and unexpected musical territories. In addition, we also have Saddle Beyond the Stars, a follow-up of sorts to 2014’s Astral Cowboy [stream – download]. I hope they please your thirsty ears.

Happy New Ears 2016 – streamdownload

Happy New Ears 2017 – streamdownload

Saddle Beyond the Stars – streamdownload


Mix for Natural Fractal

•July 8, 2016 • 2 Comments

2df4-bc77-467b-b520-ea399999ca24A new Phonaut mix, executed for the Natural Fractal event last weekend, is now available for streaming and download. By turns hidden, haunted and heartwarming, this session occurred live during the mysterious and uplifting pre-dawn hours from 4-6am on the morning of July 3rd. This private outdoor event roughly two hours west of Chicago was an unforgettable weekend spent with wonderful people and in a perfectly secluded woodland setting. The spirit of nature is in full effect for these two hours, where at times the surrounding wildlife blended exquisitely with the gently synthesized waves emanating from an immersive 6-way sound system.

Mood Triangulations mix

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phonaut.comHead over to music site Art & Artifice currently serving up my latest mix >Mood Triangulations< which features spacey selections that have surfaced over the last year or so. This mix is sleeper-wave friendly, try starting it up shortly before bedtime or during a quiet late night session of deep listening. The few gentle rhythms that do surface are fairly non-disruptive and readily accommodate psychonaut inclinations. Use these sounds to help access rarely visited backwaters of the mind or project into uncharted mental territories. Clocking at just under two hours, there is plenty of space to stretch out and allow these waves to work their magic. More info and the complete playlist is available on the podcast page.

Post-Hibernation Radio April 1st, 10-11pm

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It’s been a minute since the last post. After a long winter break, the next radio session has been scheduled for Friday, April 1st from 10-11pm Chicago time. This will be a short, early show compared to the regular multi-hour sessions, but it’s packed with some of the best sounds from the last six months. In the meantime, check out downloads and streams from past sessions in the archive or entries in the blogstream. One particular update that continues to generate fresh discussion concerns the disappearance of Tetsu Inoue.

UPDATE: The show from last night is now online: stream / download

new mix: The Ambient Police

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phonaut.comHallo from Berlin! My latest mix The Ambient Police is now ready for streaming at Mixcloud and also available for download in the mix archive. Continuing along the mostly ambient trajectory as laid out in other recent mixes, this two hour session contains many of the usual suspects, some old favorites, alternate versions, some edits, plus a few surprises delivered at just the right moment for maximum effect. Playlist forthcoming, for now… enjoy!

Summertime Headphone Navigations

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ChiSkyLineNiteThree more mixes have been added to the mix archive. Invented Landscapes (stream / download) and Interdimensional Perceptions (stream / download) both being mostly nebulous narratives broken up by occasional downtempo rhythmic structures, ready for streaming and download at the regular places. The live appearance at Rodan here in Chicago back in June here got some of those juices flowing again though, and being a more upbeat affair we should see maybe one or two more beat-heavy mixes arriving before too long as we make our way into cooler weather. As previously mentioned, the Bass Philosophies mix series will be wrapping up with upcoming episodes 9 & 10 offering more rigorous four-on-the-floor features but never neglecting those ever-prescient ambient elements. Last but not least, how about another 2-hours of recent summertime listening in mixed format for your warm weather conditions. Check out Listening Habits (stream / download) which hopefully packs a few surprises and random turns down ambient history’s countless curious alleys. Also, a couple more playlists were posted due to numerous demands, so if you are interested in the crate digging do check those out.