Android Ambient

BladeRunner1In autumn 2005 I put together a mix intended to sync up to the Ridley Scott Director’s Cut edition of Blade Runner. That mix covered only the first half of the film however, while this brand new version has been expanded and re-tooled to include new music from the last nine years since the first Mixes for Films was posted. This new version is also intended to sync with the latest version of the film, The Final Cut edition which made appearances in theaters for the 25th anniversary back in 2007. I only used music which sounded likely to exist in the 2019 futurescape envisioned, and sounds which fit the overall tone and mood of the movie’s genre-defining cinematic visuals. There are also a few A/V synced surprises in store for those willing to look for them. Nearly 30 tracks in Dangerous Daze carry you through the entire story and into the final credits, unpause mix when the green tree logo disappears for optimum sync!




~ by phonaut on March 15, 2014.

9 Responses to “Android Ambient”

  1. Waow! Respect!

  2. Mesmerizing…

  3. Can you please elaborate on ‘unpause mix when the green tree logo disappears…’? Are you referring to a copy of The Final Cut edition (on DVD, BluRay etc.) or to a link to the movie that I might have missed?

    Thanks a lot.

    • Yes this is for the Final Cut version. At the beginning of the film, a green tree logo appears, this occurs before the scrolling text that starts the film. You want to unpause this mix immediately as that logo disappears, doing so will manually sync the A/V for the duration of the movie.

  4. Are you meaning the original NTCS version also on the BluRay release or the speeded up PAL version on DVD which is faster?
    To be on the safest side I should push the play button on my 10.000 quids esoteric high end home theater system at minutes, seconds, frames?

    It costed more than the Ferrari parked outside so I’d like to hit the play buttom at the exact time… if possible! 🙂

  5. I used the Final Cut version from the BluRay ‘5-Disc Complete Collector’s Edition’ (NTSC). This one:

    • Thanks for the extra bit of info! Let’s check it on the 10.000 quids esoteric high end home theater system! 🙂

      Regards, DC

  6. ! Will try this for sure!!

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